Hold Qi up Nybro [2009-04-04]

The town of Nybro showed itself from its best side, when spring finally arrived. The first weekend in April, came with warm and sunny weather which of course made people longing to spend time outdoors. Even so, quite a large group chose to spend it indoors, by participating in the beginner's course in Hold Qi Up. Some of them drove all the way from the island of Öland, a place from where more and more of our participants on courses in Kalmar and Nybro comes from.

Some comments from the participants

Energetic, gastric catarrh

"I began to practice 2007. My health has improved by every course. This course I have felt very energetic. My gastric catarrh has disappeared."

Burned out

"I began practicing in 2003 and was in a bad state at that time, more or less burned out. Today I work full time."

Calm, energy

"During the first period of the course I had so many thoughts and it was difficult to concentrate, but after lunch I suddenly felt this great inner peace. Later that evening when I came home I felt energetic. It feels like it has happened a lot inside of the body, it feels very special."


"I can feel a new kind of relaxation now, I'm not as competitive as before. When I first started to practice qigong, I was not able to slice my own food, but now I can work in the garden with my children."

Migrain, stress, depression, more honest

"I have improved my health in all levels, physically, mentally... I had stress related issues, depression, migraine etc. The migraine has disappeared completely, it went away instantly. I have become a more honest person and I am taking more responsibility for my own life."


Lars Hagner