Hold Qi up Hamar [2009-03-28]

This weekend we arranged our second basic course in Hold Qi up in Hamar. After the last course a training group has practiced together once a week. The course was arranged at a folk high school that had a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Some of the participant´s comments can be found below.

Feeling of Qi and lightness in my body

"The first thing I discovered was that I could feel the energy when we practiced La Qi. Feeling Qi is an experience in itself, and it does good things for you. After the first day I felt that I had a vibrating sensation in my body. My body felt lighter and it felt as if there was a higher frequency in the whole body. I also slept well the night between Saturday and Sunday. I have become very aware of how I stand and walk."

Knot on tendon disappeared

"I am optimistic! Last night when we talked I found that a lump that I had on a tendon of one of my hands - which I had shown to my daughter the day before - had disappeared. That must be a result of my improved circulation at this course. This is fun!"

No pain in my broken pelvis

"I think this has been very exciting, I often have very cold hands, and have noticed a tingeling sensation in my hands when we are practicing here. It feels wonderful to have warm hands! I came here to try to do something about my back and my pelvis. I have been in an accident where I amongst other things broke my pelvis in 4 places. And lo and behold: I have not had any pain at all during the weekend! I slept better than I have done in a long time, I have not even had any pain during the night."

Hold Qi up in Hamar March 2009

Qigong suits me

"I am here because Qigong really suits me. It requires some patience at times, but I always find that something new pops up. I joined the Winter course in Bollnäs and understood during the course that this was good for me. I do not see the end of this because there is always something new to improve. I now have a very good motivation and practice more than for a long time."

Calm life and new insights

"I have learned to relax and try to control my neck posture in a good way. I can use this in my daily life as well, for example when I had a difficult experience a few months ago. Despite the situation, I could keep myself calm. I often find it difficult to learn new things, but yesterday something happened and suddenly I understood many things about the training. It has motivated me a lot."

Fewer thoughts in the head

"It has been very instructive. I have learned a lot about my body posture and how I should use my body. Mentally, I have calmed myself down. There tend to be very many thoughts at once in my head and I was able to reduce that a little."

Positive view on life

"When I'm practicing Qigong, I get a more positive view of life. It gives me more resources in my everyday life and it feels like a completely indispensable part of my life."

Less pain in the shoulder and legs

"For many years I have had pain in my shoulder. I could not stretch out my arm to the side, but after physical therapy I could do it. It has been OK for ten years, but I have not been able to lift my arm up over my head. Already before lunch on Saturday, I could lift my arm over my head without any big problems. On Sunday, the pain in my legs was reduced significantly."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen