Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2009-03-21]

The course was held in an old manor house that is typical for the Hälsingland region and that has a history dating back to the 14th century. The building as it looks today is from the beginning of the 18th century and with its nice atmosphere it strongly contributed to a joyful course with a lot of happy laughter. The fact that participants had come not only from the region but also from Norway, Stockholm and Gävle, gave an extra dimension to the course.

Some comments from the participants:

Energy refill

"For me, attending a basic course is a must. I get an energy refill that enables me to cope with life. This accounts even more for the summer course that I obviously will join again this year."

"I have been travelling the whole way from Norway in order to join the course, which means that I will have slept very few hours when I come to my work on Monday as I will be sitting in a bus for a whole night. Still I am much more energetic than if I would have stayed at home the whole weekend. I think that says a lot about the value of participating in a Qigong course."

Balance for body and mind

"For me it is necessary to join a course in order to create a balance in my system again. We have incredibly much to do at work and I would probably have got a burn out without Qigong. My husband notices straightaway whether I have trained qigong or not."

"I train more frequently now and it is wonderful to join a course. It helps me to slow down for some time and get conscious of where I am so that I don't rush through my life all the time."

"Thanks for the course. Previously I was running in a treadmill all the time but Qigong saved me from this. Now I can enjoy small things of life and feel happy for it. I just have to train Qigong in the morning so that I can keep friendly all day."

"I am a newcomer and felt that something was happening in my body during the course. I am doing so many things at the same time and feel I need a tool to survive. Qigong is something that can help me cope with the situation."

Suppler body

"I tend to get suppler when I join a course and after my last course I could turn my head and body to the left. It was something I noticed when I drove my car, so that's good."

Mental improvements

"The atmosphere at the course was very nice. Qigong gives me the tools to change my way of thinking and the way I perceive life."

"When it comes to the mental part Qigong has given me so much such as learning not to lose too much energy and seeing the small things in life that give us so much. I think Qigong is fair because you are getting back more when you make a bigger effort. Training in the morning is a good way to start the day."


Fatima Ringvall