Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2009-03-14]

To all appearances it seems like the participants have had a great training during the week end. That is my experience when I listened to their stories after the course.

This is what the participants said:

'When I started I could not bend my back. Today I can work full time. Without Qigong that would not have been possible'.

Pain disappeared during the training

'When I came here on Saturday morning I had a big swelling in my neck that gave me lots of pain and difficulties to turn my head. I have tried massage and different oils on it without result. Today I noticed it had disappeared and I can turn my head without problems'.

'I have had pain in my back during the last weeks. This morning however it was gone and it is still gone'.

'My knees, lower legs and feet have given me much pain and it has been like having glass under my feet. Now my legs and feet feel like they would like to dance'.

Qigong increase wellbeing

'It is a strong experience of beauty to practice. I am privileged to live in a body that practice Qigong'.

'I feel well after practicing Qigong'.

'Yesterday I first got tired when I came home but later I had an energy kick'.

'The tensions in my head disappeared'.

Mariehamn Hold qi up spring 2009


Arne Nordgren