Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2009-03-07]

Once again it was time for a basic course in Copenhagen. Outside, the first signs of the coming spring could be noticed as a number of beautiful snow drops had found their way up from the soil.

The good atmosphere in the group, which is the result of the work that has been done by those who have been training Qigong for some time, gives newcomers the feeling that they are welcome from the start. And feeling welcome means feeling at ease, which in its turn increases the likelihood to learn all the new movements in good way.

Some comments from the participants

Stiff shoulders

"During previous courses a lot has happened in my shoulders that were very stiff from the beginning. Now I can move my shoulders further backwards, which makes it easier to raise my hands over my head. This course I have had a special feeling in my feet. I am very happy about this and now I try to stand more on my whole foot during body regulation."

Training for the whole body

"This is my first course and already now I can feel that a lot is happening in my body. It feels good to do all the movements and at the same time be very relaxed and train the mind."

"This is my first course and definitely not my last one. I will continue to train and will definitely come back."

"It is the first time I am joining a course in which both newcomers and those who have attended previous courses can practice together in a way that benefits all. That is fantastic."

Filling up energy

"I am in the middle of a hectic period in my life and this course has given me the energy I need in order to cope with everything that still is waiting for me."

"Yesterday when I came home after the first day of the course I was initially very tired. But later on in the evening I had an energy surplus and even cleaned my kitchen."


"I suffer from anxiety disorder and have worked on getting rid of this in many years. However, during this course I have felt secure as I have been taken care of in such a good way. Because of this I have been able to join the whole course."

Learning more about Qigong

"I have attended several courses and get more and more interested in the philosophy of Zhineng Qigong, how the mind works etc."


Fatima Ringvall