Hold Qi up Helsinki [2009-02-21]

For the first time we arranged a basic course in Hold Qi Up together with a patient organisation in Finland. It was Reumaföreningen in Helsinki that offered their members to attend a course with us. The organisation hopes that their members, as many rheumatics before them, will find Zhineng Qigong a tool to a get better life quality. Except from the ordinary group training in Helsinki the organisation will offer their members to practice together with a teacher at daytime.

The atmosphere at the course was good. We could see many smiles and hear much laughter. Bellow you can read some of the results.

More energy

"I left the course with a lot of energy. I was almost jumping. Lying in bed I could feel Qi streaming around in my body and I fall asleep with a smile."

Helsingfors Reuma 090222_350

"This was good training. Yesterday I was very tired. I took a rest and fall asleep. When I woke up I felt very energetic and I thought I would never be able to sleep that night. Usually I can't if I've slept during the day. But I slept very well."


"I suffer from side effects from borealis and my balance is bad. But I notice that I stand much better today."

About Zhineng Qigong

"The only negative thing about Qigong is that I didn't find the method earlier."

"I've only practiced for a month. My work is stressful, I have a teenage daughter and I live in two countries. I notice that I sleep much better now. I'm not as nervous as before. Once my daughter told me to go and practice. That would make my temper better. The training has already been good for me. I jump out of bed every morning like I did ten years ago. I sing in a choir and I notice that I sing better. I laugh easier. Even when my husband and daughter are arguing I can stay calm and keep my smile."

"I've practiced for three and a half years. I don't know why I didn't start earlier! I take half as much medicines for my high blood pressure as I did before. I've used the medicines since 1967. I could cancel an operation in my shoulder. My initial diabetes didn't develop. But the big thing is that my mind is calmer. I could have so many thoughts before. I couldn't practice La Qi at all but now I like it. People look different. Last year my husband died and I had a huge mourning. Without Qigong, I don't know how I would have managed. I'm very thankful."


Lars Hagner