Wintercourse SXQ (6 d) Bollnäs [2009-02-24]

For the third year in a row, the winter course in Shenxin Qigong beat the record for number of participants. No less than 97 persons had come to Bollnäs. This year's course was the first one that lasted six days, or eight days for those who participated in the basic course, which was held just before the winter course. Many old friends met each other again after a year, but there were also a number of people without any experience of Shenxin Qigong who attended the course. The good results became apparent already in the morning of the initial basic course. More surplus and energy despite post-operative problems and Hepatitis-C, decreased pain in the neck, back and feet and a stronger feeling of Qi are examples of the results the participants talked about. Remarkably many persons felt that their waist became more flexible and could get much further down when we practiced squats.

The entire course was perceived as powerful and our conversation with Su Dongyue during the lecture was an appreciated element. Another thing that the participants were very satisfied with was the facilities of Bollnäs Folk High School, and the hospitable and helpful way in which our local Qigong persons contributed.

Surveys that the participants had to fill in before and after the course showed that 76% of the participants had an increased energy level, 68% of those who had said that they felt stressed had become less stressful and 68% were less bothered by other symptoms.

76% got more energy, 68% become less stressful and 68% less bothered by other symptoms

Below some of the participants' comments can be found:

Practicing Shenxin Qigong during the winter course 2009 in Bollnäs

After the basic course:

Happy instead of sad

"When I came here, I was depressed and sad, and when search my feelings, there is little left in there. But already after the third hour, I felt that I was happy."


"I felt very alert during these two days, and that is unusual for being me."

Got the sense of smell back

"The latest physical improvement for me is that I have got my sense of smell back; it has been gone for six years. Suddenly I noticed that I started to smell the aroma and how the food tasted. For the first time in six years I all of a sudden sense the smell of an orange, and I can see that there is indeed somebody over there peeling an orange. I have had polyps, swelling of mucous membranes with small outgrowths. My doctors wanted to operate but for me it has not been an option, I have had so many other problems so I thought that 'yes let's take that at a later time'. I didn't focus on it. I visited the doctor in October, so he looked at one side and said this looks good, there is no need for surgery and so he looked in the other and said it was a little worse but that there was no need to operate that one either. At a point in time I have had about 50% of the area to breathe with as 50% of it has been clogged, and now it is so little left that the doctors believe that there is no need to do anything about it. So I am very pleased. I have gotten back a natural sense. It's fun to know how food tastes."

Cold disappeared

"It has been both good and hard, I'm tired and my eyes are sore. I had a severe cold when I came here but it has disappeared altogether."

A lot of people joined the winter course 2009

After the winter the course:

Improved foot position

"I have had problems with one foot for a while now. I have not been able to stand with my feet parallel to each other; my left foot pointed outwards and was swollen. I can remember from my childhood that a pot fell on my foot and that this was a terribly painful. I have also danced ballet for many years and it has taken its toll and yielded several injuries. After practicing a few days, I could suddenly put some weight on the foot again. It was not able to do that before. The palm of the foot fell down and became flat again. And I can stand with my feet parallel to each other. The shaking of my legs has also largely disappeared."

Agile neck

"I have had problems with my neck for a long time, and I still have some problems. But after three days of the course, I could turn my head without hearing any sound from my neck. Amazing!"

More energy despite postoperative disorders

"I had brain surgery to remove a tumor in December and have had some post-operative problems, e.g. some brain fluid leaked out through my nose. I had to sleep at least 10 hours per day, and lie down a lot. From the first day of the basic course, I have felt that I have more energy. I was able to stand and join in all the training, except for the part when we bend forward. I was so alert that I even have been able to train by myself in the evenings. It is during these courses that you really understand what this is all about."

Limber back and easier to breathe

"I got a lot out of this course and it started already during the basic course. Something let go between the shoulder blades and it became easier to breathe. I was able to get down in Dun Qiang, which I have been struggling with for many years. Now that I'm able to get down it feels amazing. I am very pleased; it was a very good course."

Nice relaxation after squatting

"I very much like to train squats. If one trains for a while it feels so nice to relax afterwards. Last autumn this has been my main training - practicing Dun Qiang and enjoying the relaxation afterwards. I have started to relax much deeper, especially during this course. It has been really great."

Swollen ear

"It has been a very good course. Above all I feel a big difference compared to the last winter course. I am much more balanced now. And finally something has started to happen with my ear that is swollen because of rheumatic disease. I have waited for this for a long time."

Relaxed body and breathing

"I have attended many winter courses. This course has been very good. I have managed to relax a lot in my waist, sway back and pelvis. This makes me feel very happy as I have been struggling with this for a long, long time. I also realize that I have started breathing in another way. I can breathe much deeper in a way I have never been able to do before. It is very pleasant to breathe like this. Wonderful."

Improvements in my back

"This is incredible. I was so tired when I came here. Usually I train in a group on Mondays and Wednesdays, but then I did not keep up with the training and I also started to train less and less at home. I felt I was sinking deeper and deeper and that I probably was entering a state of depression. I realized I had to do something and thought about the winter course. But it took a long time to make a mental decision to come here. It has been so good. Today I feel happier and more cheerful. In my back I have three vertebrae that have grown together and that nobody can do anything about. It is not possible to do surgery because of the spinal marrow. But now they start to quiver a little bit. Who knows, the quivering may make them loosen up! I am very content with this course."

No more migraines

"I have joined several winter courses before. Everything has been very easy for me this course and that has made it difficult to keep my concentration instead. But I can say that I no longer consider myself as a migraine patient and I have had migraine throughout my whole life, so it feels incredibly nice."

To practice better and get more

"It is very important to get the right corrections, and work further on these corrections so that you improve your training - it does help you get so much more. Also listening to the password can help you understand more; try to do your best you based upon your own circumstances. I feel that it has happened a lot in my body, I have had some reactions. I feel I have become straighter, my neck has become longer, I thought I had a double chin and I think it is better now."

Regained the energy and zest for life

"This was a very rewarding course. I got back my energy, and I am eager to face the challenges that life and work offer. I have had a very difficult period, things has changed for the better. Qigong has been my best friend."

Able to move broken wrist again

"I got a fracture in the wrist in April last year. After that my arm has become stiff and clumsy. Now that the course has come to an end, the arm is supple and feels nice and soft."

A few days after the course:

More alert than in 30 years

"I have had the incurable disease Hepatitis-C for 30 years. The disease makes me lose energy and become quite infirm. I have gradually become more and more devoid of power. Two years ago I started practicing Qigong. In the beginning I was very tired and found it difficult to cope with. Last year I participated in the Bollnäs winter course. It was very tiring, but I managed to somehow get myself through the course. During the past year I have trained Shenxin daily. When I returned to Bollnäs I did so hoping that I would be able to practice more than last year. During the third and fourth day, I was tired, but then the tiredness went away and everything worked well. When I went home I felt very good, felt that I had a lot of energy. And - I'm still good. Despite an intensive week at work, I feel alert again in a way that I never thought possible. I have not been so spirited at all ever after I became infected with the Hepatitis-C. My standing has also changed; the sway of my back has decreased."

Can lift my arm again

"Some time ago I fell and hurt my arm. After a while the pain was so heavy that I could not lift my arm. During the winter course the pain gradually disappeared. Now that I am at home again, I am able to clean the windows and put up the curtains all by myself. I was not able to do that before Christmas."

The swelling of the thyroid gland disappeared

"I have had a swollen thyroid for at least a year. At first it was just swollen, but after a while it started to hurt when I swallowed. During the third day of the winter course something happened in the thyroid and the swelling was reduced. Now after the course the swelling has disappeared completely and the thyroid gland feels normal again."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen