Hold Qi up Turku [2009-03-07]

Spring's first rays of sun found their way in through the windows of S:t Olofsskolan when we held our basic course in Turku. And just like in the old Norvegian children's song, we had sunshine in our hearts and minds as well. Our spirits were high as we learned Hold Qi Up. Both the beginners and the repeating participants were happy to learn new things and get individual help with the postures.

Below follows an excerpt from the participant's own comments:

Calmer and less stiff

"I've practised since the fall of 2005. I had a serious disease and realised that I have to do something for my body and to slow down – keep calm, relax. If I don't practise, I notice that I'm stiffer, my knees hurt and such. Sometimes I notice that I'm calmer."

Cold disappeared

"I feel good when I practise regularly. I have had a terrible cold with a runny nose and I realized that I have to take this weekend course in order to avoid antibiotics and sinusitis. Now the cold has passed. It's completely gone."

Forgot the every-day stress

"I'm a beginner and my curiosity brought me here. I haven't been ill, but I feel stressed due to an excessive work load. During this course I have managed to completely forget about my every-day stress. I've been in other worlds – almost as if I were in China. It's a promising start. It has been a good course with good instructions."

Physically and mentally balanced

"I've practised for quite many years. Even though I'm no morning person, I still practise every morning, at least the days I go to work. It has improved my balance both physically and mentally. I still feel stress sometimes, but it doesn't take me down or drive me mad. The teaching in this course has been detailed and good. I feel I have learned something new again."

Feel better and more energetic in the morning

"I've practised for a little over three years. I was in very bad shape when I joined my first course. I couldn't even stand properly or hold my arms up. I feel much better now. I practise regularly every morning. Even though I've always been an evening person, my alarm clock is now set for 5:30. Life is much easier now."

Can work again and is 2 cm taller

"I've practised for four years. I joined my first course with no expectations. I didn't believe in the method and I laughed at "Qi". I was just going to try another fruitless method. I have practised every day since. Gradually my health improved and I have started to believe in the method. I can move quite freely now and I can work. I have had only one cold since I started practising. As a side note I can mention that I am two centimetres taller. For fun, I measured my height together with my nieces and re-checked it later. I'm taller!"

Fought off fatigue during trip

"At one point in time, I used to undertake long travels for work. My flights were often delayed. Once I sat in Frankfurt waiting and I was so tired I had problems moving. Then I tried La Qi. I sat in a corner doing La Qi for about fifteen minutes. It had an immediate effect. I felt refreshed travelling home and the night wasn't hard at all. Try La Qi when you feel tired or feel like you don't have the energy to do the entire exercise!"

Pain and varicose veins gone

"I have practised for many years. I was talked into joining by a friend after a biking accident. My elbow had been crushed and I had to have surgery. I was also about to retire and that brought on stress and sorrow. After the first course, the pain in my elbow disappeared (it felt like having toothache in my elbow). Later I fell on my hurt shoulder. There was a loud cracking noise and I was told to visit the doctor. But I didn't want to have a cast on my arm again, since I had contracted osteoporosis the previous time. So I practised Qigong instead. At first I could only practise La Qi. The pain disappeared and the arm doesn't hurt at all any longer. Also, I don't have any varicose veins in my legs any longer, as I used to. And my spirits are much higher."

Good course structure

"I think I have noticed that Qigong is both calming and efficient against stiffness, pain, stomach symptoms and such. I want to thank you for a good course. The structure was really good. Well developed. Calm. Professionalism. Congratulations!"

"This has been a really good course. I've attended all manners of courses before, so I can make a valid comparison. It has almost been like attending a private course since there are people who correct your postures. This has been extra special super good. I'm here because I want something that works on many levels. I notice that there is something going on in my neck, something is loosening up."

Softer, more supple

"My improvements have been gradual. My body is softer and more supple. But I don't think too much about the results. I think practising is rewarding in itself. It's a little like swimming: feels good, is healthy and very practical in some situations. Even though I can't point to any specific improvements, I've used Qigong like emergency medicine – it can make pain from tension and other sources disappear, it can calm me down when I'm anxious and it can lift my spirits when I'm down. It's easier to see improvements in others than in yourself. It is useful and instructive to talk to other Qigong practitioners, both in the practise group and in the courses."


Jeanette Heidenberg