Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2009-03-07]

For two days in the beginning of March some people who felt like training Qigong gathered to a course in Kungsängen. There were just as many men as women, something which is quite unusual. Women are often in majority. There as no doubt about that the course was appreciated by the participants.

Here is some of the participants' feedback on the course:

Qigong raises wellbeing

"I feel fine and very alert".

"I got a nice feeling of being relaxed and calm. The feeling can't actually be explained. It is like bubbles in the body".

"Since my first course, my colleagues have told me that something has happened, but they can't tell me what. I think it must be Qigong".

Allergy problems reduced by Qigong

"Earlier I had allergy problems for scent of flowers, spices, grapefruit and orange. Now I can even eat red jelly raspberries".

"I have had skin rash and I got a skin lotion from my doctor. Due to allergy I could not use it. But after my second summer course I tried again and then the rash disappeared after only a short time and never came back".

"Once I had a great scar in my arm. After my first summer course, it got thinner so it can almost not be seen".

"When I came here I had just recovered from flu and I did not feel so well. This course has worked out fine and I feel much healthier".

Qigong helgkurs i Kungsängen mars 2009


Arne Nordgren