Hold Qi up Cambridge [2009-02-14]

For the second time a course in Hold Qi Up was organised in Cambridge. This time the city was covered by a blanket of snow, which does not happen every winter.

Among the participants were both newcomers as well as those who had attended the course before and who had taken the opportunity to repeat the movements. Most of them were from the Cambridge area, but there were also some participants who had attended one of the previous courses in Norwich. For the newcomers, training with more experienced students means a great opportunity to get more help when doing the movements and to learn from the experiences of the "veterans".

Some comments from the participants

Feel good

"I feel great after this course. This time I could take in details that I was not able to grasp when I attended the course for the first time. It has been a very good course."

"I practise one hour every day and I enjoy it very much. My life has both become richer and deeper. I sleep less but I still have more energy. It has been pleasant to come to this course and get to know so many nice people."

"The whole experience of joining this course has been a great pleasure. I think I have found something that can help me during the rest of my life."

More energy

"The last course was a breakthrough for me. My job is physically demanding and my energy level has been quite low. After the last course I got more energy. I have jogged along a little bit and danced in the kitchen. Sometimes I can feel that my body gets really relaxed."

"Previously I was constantly worn out. After having slept badly for some time I started to sleep better again as a consequence of practising Qigong. I also slept longer and it felt as if my body started to recover from stress and overtime work. My joints are much better now and if I get pain in my back from lifting my grandchild a bit too often I just practise and then I feel better again."

Improved skin

"The texture of my skin has steadily improved since I started training. My skin feels softer and my scars have become less visible. I am also more relaxed now than I was before, e.g. when I sit in a chair. Now I can sit and be relaxed at the same time."

Well structured course

"The course is well structured because of the sections that we learn one after the other. I liked the various movements. As a matter of fact I find them rather beautiful."


"This is my second course and this time I was able to relax my shoulders more than before. It was good to repeat everything once again and the course has given me deeper understanding for Qigong."

"I feel very relaxed and calm. I am interested to practise more and see how it will develop."

Good atmosphere in the group

"I have really enjoyed being here and training with the group. A lot has happened in my arms and in my shoulders. I like the movements very much."


Fatima Ringvall