Hold Qi up Ljungby [2009-02-07]

The basic course in Hold Qi Up in Ljungby this semester brought many gentle smiles. In the breaks we drank tea and ate homemade rusks and cookies. During the training the participants were focused on the exercises. Many of the new students choose to attend the course after being in contact with more advanced students who got good results from practicing Zhineng Qigong.

From the participants comments:

Calm and happy

"I get a lot from attending courses. When I came I was stressed and my shoulders were stiff. Now I feel like I've been to a spa resort for one week, I feel calm, happy and my body is soft."

Many good results

"I've got many good results. My tinnitus has disappeared, my back pain is gone, my toes has straighten out and I have better self confidence."

Improved blood circulation

"I got great results after my first course. The circulation in my left arm was very bad after a road accident. After a few months of practicing Qigong the blood circulation improved a lot."


"I'm calmer, can handle stress in a better way and my allergy is much better."

Qigong helps in mundane situations

"I feel the positive effects of practicing Qigong when I don't practice for a few days. For example it's harder for me to turn my head when I'm driving my car if I don't practice."

Qigong gives mental strength

"I get a lot of help from practicing Qigong when I'm about to do something or meet someone that I don't like. Qigong helps me to handle tough situations."

Less migraine

"After half a year of practicing Qigong my migraine periods aren't as long and intense as before. It's also easier for me to handle the periods between the migraine. My body is much softer now."


"I feel much calmer now."

No back pain

"This morning when I woke up I didn't have any pain in my back, that was a wonderful feeling. It feels like I got rid of some garbage between my shoulders."


Johannes Nordgaard