Hold Qi up Helsingborg [2009-02-07]

The course was kept at the Red Cross location in Helsingborg. Many participants had practiced for many years and some of them had also participated in a summer course. And still, in spite of all Qigong knowledge, they appreciated the possibilities to practice and correct their movements in a quiet environment and also have the possibility to let the Qi-field have an influence on various disease conditions.

Here is what the participants told us at end of the course:

Pain in wrists, neck and back disappeared

I have had pain in my wrists, neck and back for a long time. It disappeared successively after three months Qigong practice.

Constipation disappeared after my first summer course.

My immune defense has undergone a remarked improvement.

Calm through Qigong

Qigong makes me calm.

I have become calmer and happier, many have commented on that without knowing about my Qigong training.

I started to practice because I wanted to find calmness and when I practice regularly it works out fine.

Yesterday when I arrived I suffered from sciatica. Last hour at Qi regulation I could feel something special in my body. Since last night I have not has any pain.

Fibromyalgia disappeared through Qigong

I have had fibromyalgia and been on the sick list for three years. Doctors even would like to grant a pension to me. Before starting Qigong I got some acupuncture treatment. Since I began to practice Qigong I have been able to start to work again, first part-time and later full-time. Since then I have not been sick listed. I even have not had a cold. I feel really fine. I just want to laugh.

Helsingborg Hold Qi Up spring 2009


Arne Nordgren