Hold Qi up Stockholm [2009-02-07]

The first basic course in Stockholm this semester, February 7-8, took place in a grey and foggy capital. Several beginners and more advanced students choose to stay inside instead, to be in the strong Qi-feld that we have on our courses. The time passed fast in the positive atmosphere.

From the participants comments:

Keep a back operation away

"It's never too late so start to practice. I attended a course a couple of years ago but I didn't keep on practicing. But when I had a tough period of time I started again. It made me feel much better. Getting older I got some physical problems but I keep a back operation away by practicing. This summer I went to the summer course. I was suppose to stay nine days but after that time I understood that staying the following course was the best I could do. So I stayed another nine days."


"I have practiced ten years but when I retired last year I stopped. But then I got some pain in my body. When a friend of mine called me and told me about this course I came here. The pain is gone today."

Eczema, positive smiles

"I was supposed to be here only during Saturday but I came here today as well. I have had a tough week so it's great to come here and to see all positive smiles. To listen to the teacher talking about the mental part is important. I got ride of eczema that I've had during my whole grown up life."

A more positive friend

"A friend of mine started to practice Zhineng Qigong and she has changed a lot in a positive way, which made me come here. I had tried a few times at the drop-in training. Even that training made me better. This basic course has been good for me. I look forward to get ride of stress and get more time."

Prevent problems

"I don't have any physical problems but I want to prevent problems."

Learn new things

"I'm fascinated that I can learn that much even though I've attended the course before. The training keeps the pain in my back under control. The training is a great mental tool as well. I feel calmer."

"Lately I have worked quite much so it's great to be here. Every course makes my body softer and I learn new things all the time."

"A friend of mine recommended Zhineng Qigong to me but it took a couple of years before I started. Even if you have been to many courses you learn new things. It's almost like new training. The every day life gets much easier."

More alert

"Since I started with Qigong this autumn I have been able to work full time again. I couldn´t manage that before but the Qigong has made me much more alert. I am hearing-impaired which makes me tired."

"I have no health-problems but my job is very stressful. Saturday morning I was very tired but Sunday morning, after the first day of the course I was very alert!"


Lars Hagner