Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2008-10-04]

It was pouring with rain, and the wind tearing the flags. It was nice to be in the training hall where the new and old participants got together for the Autumn Shenxin course. Many thought it was a very positive thing to receive correction from each other. Most of them found that the training had made their body more supple and agile. In the afternoon after the course the sun was shining and everybody went away happy and pleased with the training.

Participants' comments

"Weekend Courses are nice because you tend to be sloppy about your training at home."

"Snake Arms feel awesome."

"I had pain in my neck and head but now the pain has disappeared. I feel happy and energetic."

"My body is more supple and I'm able to do all of the exercises much better. I feel more aware."


Patrik Rastija