Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2009-02-07]

This spring's basic course in Hold Qi Up in Ekenäs was held in the library's lovely exhibition room. A happy group of both beginners and more experienced Qigong practitioners gathered there for a nice weekend with plenty of practising. The new participants learned the postures quickly -- much thanks to to the good help provided by their classmates. Many also commented that the structure of our basic courses makes it easier to learn the postures. Those who repeated the course especially appreciated the opportunity to get help in honing and improving their technique.

The course was perceived as calm and harmonious. By practising in a strong Qi-field, many also achieved good results. Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments.

Cold disappeared, improved back and greater inner calm

"I started practising Qigong because of my back problems. The best thing about Qigong is that it is easy to make a part of your everyday life. Especially the CD helps -- you bring the teacher with you home. Qigong is an easy way to get going. On the whole, I'm rid of my back problems. If I get lumbago, it passes sooner. I'm much more flexible and my inner calm is significantly improved. I have had a cold and yesterday my nose was running, but not today. I have had a stressful and hard week, but now I feel calm."

Ekenäs 090207-08

Greater calm and relaxation

"I have suffered from immense performance anxiety, so I was a bit worried about this course. But I have not felt like I have to perform at all here. The postures have felt easy. The structure of the course has made the postures feel easy to learn. Today I feel calm and relaxed."

"I am a very restless and impatient person, but yesterday evening after the first day I found myself staring into the fire and calmly contemplating a decision I have to take in my life."

"When I started practising Qigong in the year 2000, I was very stiff and rigid, but that disappeared after the first course. When I neglect practising it comes back, but after each course I'm well again. I want to reach the next level of practising now, and I have my mind set on the summer course. My oldest daughter has attended summer courses and Qigong has grown very important to my family. Through Qigong, I have a greater inner calm. I don't get as furious any more. It's not that important to me as before to always get my way. I'm calmer. It's nice to not have to be angry all the time."

Shoulder pain disappeared

"I have found a greater calm during this course. Something fell in place after my wrist was corrected. It has started something greater. Qigong has been a good help. I have, e.g., had help with my bad shoulders. They don't hurt any more."

Hand tremor

"I suffer from very difficult hand tremor and I can feel that it reacts to Qigong in a very tangible way."

Nice movements

"I've enjoyed that the movements are so slow."

Good course structure

"The structure of the course has been good. I like the division into sections and I have especially appreciated the individual corrections. I wish to build strength and I look forward to getting to work at myself."

More alert and more flexible body

"Qigong has given me a lot. I am really pleased with my mental health and the flexibility of my body. Yesterday evening, I was tired and I slept well and calmly all night. Today I feel much more alert. Not at all as tired as yesterday. I am happy with Qigong."


Jeanette Heidenberg