Hold Qi up Kvänum [2008-10-11]

The first Kvänum Weekend Course was held in the centre of the community, in very nice premises. Most of the participants were newcomers and a couple of them were eagerly looking forward to the course as they had some rather serious health problems for which they hoped to get help. The participants were calm and happy and they all went about learning the exercises with great zeal.

An open window

There was a warm and merry feeling about the weekend, with many good laughs. The weather was fluctuating, with everything from strong winds to heavy rain and sunshine, but the training hall became very warm, so we kept a couple of windows open almost all the time. It was not until the Sunday afternoon that Berith Lidberg quietly remarked that this was the first time in 23 years that she was able to be in a room with open windows.

Serious problems

A couple of participants had serious health problems such as Meniere's syndrome, Sjögren's syndrome, complications after a severe car accident, eye complaints, and they have tried "everything" to get better. Some had seen or heard about Berith's improvements, others had been "told" by other Kvänum locals – who have not joined any course – to at least try it, since it seemed to be so good for you. So it will be very exciting to share their results. Maybe some of them will join the 2009 Summer Courses judging from the lively discussions during the course.

The participants' comments

"I suffer from Meniere's syndrome and I joined the Summer Courses after having read about Berith in a newspaper. Before the Summer Course I was all exhausted and since then I'm much improved. I practise every day. This Weekend Course was a very good thing, just like it's very good to join the Evening Training, which I do nowadays."

"I'm a newcomer and time just flew, it was much too nice here."

"It was fun to be here with so many nice and really funny people. I repeated the course, I'm 82 years old and I think this weekend was really rewarding in many ways. I'm not so good at practising at home alone, but my family "force" me to join Weekend Courses when I've become too tired. They actually make me feel more energetic."

Able to see Qi

"I joined the course because I have various different problems, such as isciatic pain. Today I have no pain in my back. I have seen Qi several times during the weekend and I'm completely new to this. It was a very nice course."


"I really don't believe in this sort of thing but I should tell you that I think something has happened with my eye. I have no vision on one of my eyes and I have a problem with the vitreous body of the other eye, so I'm really in fear of losing all of my vision. Normally there's a lot of spots but I find that it's grown less during the weekend."

Better posture

"Last Summer I joined Mr Su's lecture and I think this is good for you because you're not getting any younger. This was a very positive experience and now I'm able to stand with my legs almost straight, and I couldn't do that yesterday."


"My complexion usually improves after courses and my grandmother gets more Qi and more stamina after a weekend like this. We usually bring her with us to courses when she is all run down. You can see the difference right away, she becomes herself again."

New lease on Life

"On the first Weekend Course my entire life was changed, and after the Summer Course I improved so much it was difficult for me to understand it. I have got a completely new lease on life."


Elisabeth Öberg