Hold Qi up Kvinnherad [2008-04-12]

Every time you visit Kvinnherad you are struck by the wonderful surroundings. You will find everything there: lowlands with fields, meadows, valleys, woods, boathouses by the water with attractive beaches, a seaside with peninsulas and boats – large wooden houses with woodcarvings, rivalling the best ones on the prestigeous Swedish west coast, rapids and brooks, lakes and steep fjords with black mountain sides, running right down the depths and then the mountains with white tops, towering above you, with houses climbing on their sides. This all put together makes for an experience of beautiful scenery which is not easily surpassed. It is so dramatic and yet harmonious.

But it is not always easy to live in such surroundings – you live with the boat timetable in your pocket, as somebody put it – because you depend on boats and ferries to get to and from Kvinnherad. Although it is situated on the mainland it is surrounded by fjords and water to the extent that one cannot do without them.

The Weekend Course was held in these marvellous surroundings this time as well, in the Löfallstrand school. The majority of the participants were new and people had travelled from both Bergen and also the surrounding islands to join the course, and they quickly learned the exercises. The course had a very happy feeling about it, with a lot of good laughs. Some of them had great problems when they arrived, but they joined the course with a fighting spirit and a zeal which was impressive. Perhaps people are affected by their living environment?

Some comments from the course


"It was really nice to be on this course. I suffer from fibromyalgia and I often have a lot of pain and my body gets stiff from traditional training. Yesterday my knees got a little stiff but today I haven't felt that. It was much easier for me to do the exercises today and when I move I don't have so much pain. Last night I slept very well, while usually I wake up once every hour because of the pain in my body. I'm very pleased with the course and I intend to continue my training."

Neck pain

"Last night I slept well and I didn't have any neck pain. I have this tension and pain in my neck, but that didn't hurt yesterday evening, and it doesn't hurt today either, and I had constant pain for a long time."

In touch with one's body

"I have got in touch with a lot in my body which I haven't been in touch with before. I will continue to practise."

Alone on the course

"It was a very nice course. A lot has happened. I came here by myself but I haven't felt alone, I felt very good because I had such good company here."

Improved breathing and interested in the Summer Course

"I'm under a lot of stress in my daily life. During the course I was able to breathe deeper and more calmly. I'm very pleased with the course and I'm interested in the Summer Course."

Learning during the course

"I thought it was a good course and that it was a good way to learn."

Ming Men

"I thought it was a fine course and there was such a good feeling about it. A lot happened, I got this remarkable sense of balance and a lot happened in Ming Men. The course was very comfortable, with lots of good laughs."

Hooked on Zhineng Qigong

I joined my first one in Bergen in February and I also joined HQU 2 last week. Since the course in February I've practised every day and I intend to continue with that."


Elisabeth Öberg