Hold Qi up Helsinki [2009-01-24]

The interest in taking care of oneself by training is increasing in Finland. This was noticable in the partcipation rate in this spring's basic course in Helsinki. Already the lecture before the weekend course had unusually many visitors and the interest in the methods of Zhineng Qigong was tangible. We also had many participants in the course itself, both beginners and participants who have attended our courses before.

The ambiance in the course was happy and harmonious and the many beginners had good support from their more experienced class mates. Particularly the opportunity to have personal guidance in the movements was something many appreciated. Also the motivation to start practising at home was helped by the fact that the newer participants had the opportunity to discuss with those who have practised for a while longer. They were inspired by hearing other participants' results and experience of Zhineng Qigong. Many were so inspired that they already have signed up for one of our many courses this spring. One beginner decided immediately to participate in this summer's summer course.

Many participants will also have the opportunity to inspire each other after the course, since many participants are related to each other. Several mothers and their adult children participated in the course and some took the course together with their partner. The opportunity to support each other to practise within the family was percieved as valuable.

As always in our courses, many had good results rapidly. In this course, several participants got rid of different types of pain. Below follows an excerpt of the participants' own comments.

More alert, more vitality and energy

"Yesterday I felt really energetic and ironed all the clothes that had been gathering in a pile for a couple of weeks. I started singing and had to sit down at the piano, because my voice was better than normally even though I hadn't even warmed up."

"I am more alert, calmer and happier. My husband tells me this."

"I've practised Qigong for four years and it has been a rocky path, but I want to instil hope in all beginners by saying that if I can get more energy, anybody can. My energy was in the negative and my face was all white when I started. Now I feel that the garbage has been cleared out, so now I can really get started."

"I'm curious about everything, and I've tried many things, but I immediately felt that this is for real. Being retired, I can feel my body telling me to slow down and Qigong gives me strength. I follow the principle of slow. Group practise has been very important to me."

Less pain

"I had pain in all my joints and jaw yesterday, but today I feel good."

"There are many mother-child couples here today, and I belong to that category: my mother is here. Each course is just as rewarding. Especially being corrected. I had a headache yesterday, but it disappeared."

"I agree that it is great to repeat a course. I can grasp more details. I have practised for two months and I feel great. I'm calmer. I used to have pain in my leg, some garbage in the meridians, but now it has dissolved and I feel no pain any longer."

"I have had a laborious week and my shoulders, neck and head have been hurting. It all disappeared yesterday, even though I was helping to correct and didn't practise as much as the rest of you. So thank you for the Qi-field. Qigong has helped me cure a neural injury in my arm. I could stop taking my medication during my first summer course. I am much more supple and stronger in body and mind. I can deal with everyday life and physical pain much better."

Shoulder healed

"Some advice for the beginners: don't give up, there is reason to continue. I have suffered from stress and had to take out early retirement due to my bad back. Now I can't afford to be without Qigong. Something also has let up in my shoulder. The doctors thought I might have needed shoulder surgery."

Help with back problems

"My back doesn't hurt today."

"I've been diligent, but then I took a break in practising and now I'm back again, because I need this for my back. It's been well when I have practised Qigong actively."

Less rigid body

"I practise regularly in the morning. Being retired, it gives me rhythm in my daily life. Over Christmas I didn't do my regular sports and practised only Qigong. When I started doing sports again I noticed that I wasn't stiff at all. I only slept five hours last night, but still I'm alert today."

Increased motivation to practise

"I practise Qigong almost every day and that's amazing for me. I have never kept anything else up for this long. I will try to attend the summer course."

"These have been two interesting days and I want to continue. I'm happy that there will be another course soon so that I can boost my motivation again."

Increased calm and willpower

"Qigong helps me solve any problem, physical or mental. It calms me and gives me the willpower I really need in my life."

"I came here out of curiosity. It has been a positive experience and I will continue. I slept well last night. I'm much calmer than usual."

A good method

"I'm a beginner and lead a hectic life. I have a positive attitude towards Qigong and I will continue."

"I'm a beginner and I really like this method, especially La Qi, an amazing feeling of energy."

"I'm a beginner and I don't know what to say. I'm just so taken by Qigong."

"I really recommend all beginners to take another basic course. I've learned so many new things."


Jeanette Heidenberg