Summer course training Stockholm [2009-01-03]

As is our tradition, we arranged a four-day practise course in conjunction with Epiphany. The course, which we have arranged for over 10 years, is open to anyone who has participated in at least one summer course. Every second year, the course is held in Gothenburg and every second year in Stockholm. This year it was Stockholm's turn. People from all over Sweden joined the course, as well as from Norway and Finland.

4-dgrs 2009, lunchgrupp

For many, this course has become a "must", it is seen as an excellent opportunity to charge one's batteries immediately after the holidays. The strong Qi-field, the plentiful opportunities to practise and not least of all, the chance to meet all one's old friends from the summer courses is appreciated by many.

From the participants comments:

Mental improvements

"I can thank Qigong for many things. I've been anxious and depressed since I was a child. I've tried many different therapies and medicines but I haven't had the energy to change my way of thinking. Qigong has given me the power. Now it's much easier to think positively. I feel strong and stable."

"The training has been very good mentally.

"I've got both physical and mental improvements since I started to practice. I'm more energetic, calmer and my temper is more stable."

"Qigong has made me a complete new person. The course has done well for me. By practicing I've learnt to see possibilities instead of problems."

"The training has given me a lot of happiness. I suffered from stress. The course has been good and I've increased my energy level."

4-dgrs 2009 träning 1

"Primarily I've improved mentally. I haven't been anxious for a long time. I'm happy to be here and I've got good corrections. A tension in my neck has been released."

"This is the first time in quite long time that I attend a longer course. I judge less nowadays, both others and myself. I grew up with people around me always thinking in terms of catastrophes but I've managed to become calmer. If something happen I can handle that in another way with the attitude that everything will be fixed."

"I've discovered how fast I forget all the problems I had. I just remembered that I used to be very afraid of the dark."


"I don't call myself a migraine patient anymore. It's unbelievable how much time I spent being sick. These four days have been wonderful. It's great to attend a course and talk to other Qigong students."

"I struggle with my migraine. Thanks to all the personal stories I've taken a great stride forward. To read them gives inspiration and trust."

More Qi, inspiration, social interaction

"I only have positive things to say. I've got a big Qi kick and lots of inspiration."

"I feel more alert and much happier. The lecture was very valuable."

"The atmosphere in the course has been nice and I feel motivated to keep on practicing."

"Really nice course. It was great that Mr. Su opened the course with practising and a lecture, that is very inspiring. This course is a good combination of sociality and lots of training. I feel prepared for a new year."

"It's been really nice, calm and lovely. This course gave me inspiration to keep on practising."

"I feel motivated and I have a greater trust in Qigong. I've planned to attend all Qigong courses this spring."

"It has been good to be here and practice. I would have liked to stay longer. Thanks for tea and cookies."

"It has been good days. I've got good corrections and I can feel that something happens. It feels good to share thoughts about Qigong with other students."

4-dgrs 2009 korrigering

Heel spur

"I start to understand how small things as for example the gentle smile improves the quality of practising. When I started to practise two years ago I had big problems standing up because of heel spur. No I have no problems to stand up. Thanks for a great course."

Improved arms

"It's been really good. The course feels like half a summer course. I had problems straightening my arms. During arm training something happened in my arms and since then I can straighten my arms better. Thanks for a great course."

Less medicine, stopped smoking

"Already at my first basic course I got improvements. That's the reason I started to practice. I didn't now much about Qigong at that time so I didn't know what to expect. I never thought my health could get better. Even though I don't practice a lot at home I've made progress. Since the summer course I have less pain and I eat less medicines. At the summer course I also stopped smoking. I feel thousands percent better."

Back problems, performance anxiety

"I had a lot of back problems when I started to practice many years ago. I had tried different treatments and the problems disappeared quite fast when I started to practice Qigong. I work as a ceramic and it's quite heavy physically. I was a bit worried if I really could do that but it hasn't been any problem. Last year was a bit messy but still I feel quite calm. My performance anxiety has been reduced."

Frozen shoulder

"I attended the first asthma- and allergy project due to my asthma. I also had a frozen shoulder that I got from my work as a carpenter. After the project the shoulder was healed even though I didn't join the project because of it. I could hammer again. Before the project I could not even lift up a couple of tea. It has been a good course. You feel secure in the group."


"It's been a good course. My allergy has improved gradually. This year I tried ginger bread for the first time since 1996. I dare to try food that I couldn't eat before. It's great to be able to eat different things again."

4-dgrs 2009 träning 2


Lars Hagner