HQU 2 Stockholm [2008-11-29]

From the participants comments:


"This is the first autumn in my life when I'm not depressed. I look at life with new eyes. After all the anxiety and other shit that I been through, I have reached a brighter world."

Qigong in daily life

"I'm always trying to use a Qigong thinking way. I try to keep myself mentally and physically relaxed and to keep calm and not wasting Qi in anything I do."

"Before I started to practice Qigong I was drained of energy when I met angry or irritated people. Now, when I practised for some time, I can handle such things without any problem."

"Everything I've learned about Qigong has helped me a lot in my life."


"I learned a lot of new things on this course. It's been inspiring."

"Very good course. I get a great deal of inspiration by attending courses."

"I'm quite new, haven't practised for so long time. I've got motivation from this course, it's been really good."


"It's been a calm atmosphere during the course. I got many good corrections."

"I felt calm during the course, it's been very pleasant. Thanks for good corrections."

"It's been great to practise together with a big group of people. I've got helpful corrections."


Lars Hagner