Shenxin Qigong Mariehamn [2008-11-15]

A small but interested group of Åland residents had found their way to this Autumn's Shenxin Qigong course in Mariehamn. The training made them feel warmer and more alert, which was much appreciated in this dark period of the year. The participants increased the quality of their sleep and were able to concentrate better. Several of them also got rid of pain complaints.

Some of the participant's comments can be found below:

Vigorous and good sleep

"Yesterday, when I came home from the course, I felt vigorous. I also felt relaxed in a very nice way. Usually I dream a lot, mostly nightmares. Then I wake up sweaty and feel tired in the morning. This night I hardly dreamt anything at all."

Less pain and new energy flow

"I have suffered from pain that is related to my rheumatism, but this course everything went much better than I expected. It feels better than before in the left side of my body, both in my shoulder and in my knee. Furthermore my feet have not caused me any problems during the training and it feels as if the energy flows in them. Training is easier now than when I attended previous weekend courses as well as the Winter Course. It feels as if there was a lot of Qi at this course."

Less negative thoughts and better concentration

"In the evenings, I focus on the thought that I will get up the day after and train. After having started to do that, I manage to keep this routine. Usually I get a lot of negative thoughts that I do not want to have. However, during this course it has been easy to concentrate. When we took a break I realised that such thoughts had not come. I have focused on the movements instead, and I think this has been beneficial for the quality of my training. This is probably the reason why I have felt a big change in my chest today."

Good quality of training despite bad knees

"My doctor has X-rayed my knees and told me that I need surgery and that I can get it whenever I want. My knees are so worn out that the bones rub against each other. My chiropractor is of the same opinion and has told me that surgery is necessary. But I don't want to be operated and try to keep going with Qigong instead. My doctor and chiropractor understand that this is reason why I manage to survive without operation. If I would not have trained every day an operation would have been inevitable. Moreover, the training makes me feel very vigorous so I am eager to continue."

Alert in the darkness

"After having participated in the Summer Course I have trained every morning, and I also joined the Autumn Course. I alternate between arm training and Shenxin in the morning. I really feel more alert. Usually I feel very tired during the winter half year but now it does not feel as if we are in the middle of November. For some time I have had pain in my shoulder and also in my neck, but the pain has disappeared altogether."

The sound in my ears disappeared

"Usually I have pain in my whole body, but I have not felt anything during the course, except for some slight pain in my shoulders. The creaking sound that I have heard in one of my ears has completely disappeared. The course has been nice."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen