Hold Qi up Borgå [2008-11-15]

The last course of the year in Finland was held in Borgå, where Qigong practicioners from near and far had gathered for a basic course in Hold Qi Up. The rain beat against the windows of Borgå Folkakademi, but inside the training hall we were warmed by candle light and friendly smiles. Many of the repeating participants expressed their gratitude for having their movements corrected again and we all enjoyed this last chance of the year to join a course and be in a strong Qi-field.

Comments from the participants:

Diabetes: improved blood levels. Healed tennis elbow

"I attended a course two weeks ago, but I felt I wanted to join another one. I have learned a lot more during this course. I checked my blood levels when we practised the last Hold Qi Up. I have type 1 diabetes. My blood level decreased a whole unit. After the last course, my values have been low and I have been able to reduce my insulin shots. Since April, I have suffered from a tennis elbow but it disappeared after the previous course. It's also great to practise in the group in my home town, because the people there are so very nice, happy and attentive."

"I have a son who has diabetes, so I was encouraged by hearing that someone could reduce their insulin shots through Qigong. I always practise in my sons bedroom. This has been a good course, I'm calmer and less stressed, my body feels better."

Improved movement

"My body has changed through practising, so it's great to come here and get my movements corrected again. Really good!"

"I practised a lot after my first course, and I feel a great difference when I practise actively. It's great to get to come to a course again and be corrected."

"Really great to come to a course and especially to get my movements corrected. I have had a lot of help with my neck, but the most I've seen on the mental plane."

Pain in heel improved (heel spur)

"I suffer from a heel spur, which gives me great pain in my heel, but it was better this morning even though I spent all day yesterday standing while practising."

Feeling of Qi

"I did not come here without prejudice. My wife sponsored me so that I would come. I came here to understand her, but I'm also open to the help you can get. Surprisingly enough, this has not been humbug. It has been interesting to experience what my wife has been talking about. Now there's two of us in our house so we will try to practise together. I had a feeling of Qi or Chai or whatever it was, but I felt a resistance between my hands in La Qi. My wife is a much better wife thanks to Qigong. She is no longer a dark storm cloud."

Positive thoughts

"I've been tired during this course, but I think in a positive way that being tired is a good thing. Then there are no distracting thoughts when I practise. I have been helped with a neurological injury in my arm and I'm much stronger both physically and mentally."

"I'm a beginner and this was a very rewarding weekend."


Camilla Heidenberg