Hold Qi up Norwich [2008-11-08]

With a palette of beautiful autumn colours outside of the windows we held a basic course in Norwich which is situated in East Anglia. The course was held in a nice school with a view of the whole city.

This was the 6th course we have had in Norwich and there were some participants that have joined all six times. They were a big help for all the new participants when they learnt "Hold Qi up" for the first time.

Some comments from the participants

Sleep well

"The best thing with Qigong for me is that my sleeping is much better. And when I wake up I feel rested."

Knee problems

"My knees have earlier been giving me problems. During last basic course I got my posture corrected, so now I can relax my knees and the pain has disappeared. My flat feet is now gone as I got a foot valve."

Lovely movements in Hold Qi up

"It was so nice to feel the flow in the exercises, it was a fine experience."

"This morning my arms felt almost weightless when we practiced. I could really relax in my muscles. It feels like Zhineng Qigong is right for me."

"It has been a really good course for me and I am surprised that the movements felt so nice."

Use Qigong in daily life

"I try to use Qigong in my daily life and not only when I practice. For example by trying to keep calm in hard situations and stand with my body regulated when I work in the kitchen."

My asthma so much better

"I have not been needed my inhalator during a long period and I have been able to run and ride my bicycle with out any problems."

Pain in my wrist disappeared

"I try to practice every day. When I did my first course I felt immediately that an old injury in my wrist felt painful. Suddenly the pain disappeared. Qigong also helps me emotionally. I like our group training, it benefits me a lot."

Mentally more positive

"I lost my work that I love so much a while ago. Thanks to Qigong I could handle it so much easier. Qigong had made it possible for me to be more positive to what is happening to me."

"Qigong makes it possible for me to handle emotional problems better."

Better relationships

"My relationships with others have changed to the better and I like a lot to practice with others. I had forgotten a lot of details from my first course so it was good to get that corrected. I feel very relaxed today."

Much better in the back

"I have had a lot of problems with my stomach over the years. I can now come down further in the bending down and I can feel that things are happening in my stomach when I practice. My back has become much better since I started with Qigong."


Fatima Ringvall