Hold Qi up Stockholm [2008-11-08]

November's basic course in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm gathered quite many beginners. Most of them came on the basis of their family or friends experiences of practicing with European Zhineng Qigong Center. There was a god atmosphere on the course and the beginners learned the movements quickly.

From the participants comments:

Help beginners

"Apart from practicing in the Qifield it's nice to repeat courses to meet and help those who never practiced before."

Gluten intolerance, allergies, diabetes, eczema

"When I started to practice I was a human wreck. I had gluten intolerance, many allergies, a bad immune system, incipient diabetes, a body covered with eczema and a tumour in my chest. The improvements came gradually. The tumour is gone and my immune system has improved. I had an ugly red operation scar that shrank to a pale line after a summer course."

Improved standing posture

"At this course I've been able to stand in a better way and the movements when we bend forward are easier to do."

A good nights sleep

"It's not often that I sleep as well as I did after the first day of the course"

Positive attitude

"I have a positive attitude towards Qigong, I will continue to practice."

Fading burn injury

"I have many positive experiences from practicing Qigong. I have a burn injury that's been static for 47 years. When I begun practicing Qigong, one year ago, it started to fade."

Spinal stenosis

"It's never too late to start practicing Qigong. I have spinal stenosis that actually needs surgery. Thanks to Qigong I don't have to have the operation."

A pleasant feeling

"I've become much softer, more alert and straight-backed. Practicing gives me a pleasant feeling."

Softer body, better posture

"Nice course. It's inspiring to attend a course and to hear about other's improvements. My body is softer and my posture is better."

Feeling very soft and light

"This is my first course. I feel very soft and light. I've had back pain for many years. Now, after the course, it feel's much better."

Two wonderful days

"I want to thank my best friend who made me sign up for the course. It's been two wonderful days."


Lars Hagner