Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2008-11-01]

In sunny Ekenäs we gathered to have our second basic course in Hold Qi Up during All Saints' weekend. Outside, the first frost of winter could be harshly felt, but inside the atmosphere was warm and hearty. The participants showed great interest in learning both the movements and the philosophy of Qigong, and the discussions continued into the coffee and lunch breaks.

The new participants learned the movements quickly with the good help of the repeating students. One of the beginners expressed his surprise at the fact that the teaching was so individual, even though the group was quite large. Many beginners have already planned which course to participate in next.

From the participants comments:

More flexible body, calmer

"I was recommended to take a Qigong course and during my first course I was surprised to find out how sore and stiff my body was. I am a mother of small children and my life is quite stressful. I feel that I have loosened a lot of tension in my body. I'm calmer and more patient and I've got to know my body better."

Better body awareness, feel better

"I can clearly feel that we are many and I can also feel the flow we have in the Qi-field. Many parts of my body are tense, I've gotten good at noticing that. I have practised Qigong every day for two months and there's a clear difference in how I feel. It has felt amazing! Practising is a good way to start the day."

Ekenäs träning 081002

Enjoy practising

"I had not planned to come, but suddenly I found myself here. I'm surprised that I have attended another basic course, but I'm really enjoying the Qi-field. I also enjoy the fact that there are so many good people and I feel gratitude for being alive."

"I'm a stresser and an achiever. I don't know what I had expected from this course, but it's been relaxing. The first time we regulated our bodies, I felt like my entire body was surrounded by hot chocolate. When we did La Qi, I was very touched. I got in touch with my inner child."

Deeper understanding, less back pain

"I have attended many basic courses and occasionally I've felt that it's been a bit boring to repeat, but now I have a deeper understanding and especially this time I've tried to get maximum benefit out of the course. I started because of my back problems. For a long time now, I haven't felt that it has handicapped me. I get more and more excited about this method."

More energy

"I usually can't keep anything up for a longer time and I'm surprised that I've been doing this for five and a half years. This is uncommon for me and so is the fact that I haven't needed to find anything else. What Qigong gives me is first and foremost energy. I need the courses to give me a push forward."

Wants to participate again, diabetes

"I'm a beginner and I'm already planning my next course. I have type one diabetes and this morning, when I checked my readings, they were 6 instead of 1 or 25. That's amazing! But it might just be a coincidence."

"I came here with no expectations and I will certainly attend another course. This course has awakened an interest in this method."


Jeanette Heidenberg