Hold Qi up Kalmar [2008-10-25]

The traditional basic course in Hold Qi Up in Kalmar of the autumn was held the last weekend in October. In the group of Kalmar/Nybro there are many who has joined summercourses. You can notice that since many of them choose to repeat the basic course every time.

From the participants comments:


" I suffer from migrain and I started to practice qigong five years ago. I get support from all good examples of how qigong have helped others and I am very thankful to them who has told about how qigong cured her migrain. It inspires and give me hope in hard times. I have had good results but I am impatient and want to get rid of the migrain fast. It is important to join the grouptraining."

Control in life

"I have enjoyed this course. I haven´t joined any courses for some time, but it feels wonderful to be back. Qigong give me the feeling of control in my life."

"I have practiced for four years. When I started to practice I was in bad shape, I didn´t understand it then but I was depressed, I didn´t take any responsibility for my life. After half a year of practice I felt a big difference and now I feel that I have control of my life. I stand for who I am and what I do."

Burnt out, help from the homepage

"Jag have been ill from stress, burnt out. Now I feel beter and the qigong helps me to calm down. Since I moved I don´t have any grouptraining to join, but I visit the homepage to get inspiration.

Joints better, less sleep

Stress, mental improvements, calm

"I have been practising qigong for 5 to 6 years. The training helps me to resist stress and makes me calm."

"I really enjoy these courses, I is always exciting and nice. Qigong is a tool for me and it helps me to find calmness and self confidence at work. I have joined two summercourses and it is really an experience, wow!"

"I started practice qigong to get a softer body with less pain. Now I can see that the most important is that I have improved my mind, even though I have got some physical improvements as well. Today it is easier to handle pain and problems."


"Qigong is what keeps me going and it has helped me to get rid of pain."

About Zhineng Qigong

"I started to practice qigong a few years ago and I keep comming back. That says a lot doesn´t it?

"This is my first course. It has been a strong experience and it feels very good. This method suits me."

"Qigong gave me strength to dare. Now I am optimistic about the future and I am happier."


Lars Hagner