Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2008-10-25]

A total of 42 persons attended the Shenxin Qigong course that was held in Stockholm. The enchanted conversations that could be heard during the breaks and the good results of the participants showed that many of them had increased their Qi in our strong Qi-field. Better sight, less pain, increased calm and more energy were some of the results that the participants talked about. Several of the participants were also eager to learn more about the Winter Course. Getting the opportunity to train Shenxin Qigong during a whole week is an interesting prospect for many.

More comments of the participants can be found below:

Damaged eye improved

"Yesterday evening I baked a hundred cookies before I went to bed. This course, which is my second Shenxin course, has affected me a lot, in particular in my waist. Every movement is very powerful. After the first Shenxin course I attended my damaged eye got better. I started to see shapes and colours when I came home. I wished my eye could be completely all right now, but I still have some way to go."

Better feet and knees

"I've had a lot of problems with my legs, especially my feet and knees. This morning, when I woke up, I noticed that my feet and knees were a whole lot better. I can feel that the movements are really powerful."

Stronger and better balance

"I am always surprised that it goes so well when I come to courses and this course is no exception. Usually I don't train that much when I am at home, but I will try to improve that. My balance is better and I am getting stronger in my body so that I can stay upright."

Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm October 2008

Wonderful snake arm

"It was great fun to try snake arm again. I got very warm in my arms and in my breast. The warmth spread up to my hairline. It was a wonderful experience."

Lungs and arm opened up

"Yesterday I went to bed very early. Today I can feel that my lungs have opened up as well as one of my arms that has bothered me for a long time."

Pain disappeared

"A couple of years ago I attended my first Shenxin course, but at home I did not train that much. I joined the summer course last summer and decided tot try Shenxin again this Autumn. Previously my back hurt a lot because I suffer from sciatica. But when we trained snake arm the pain just disappeared. I think this course has been very nice and I will start training Shenxin Qigong every day."

Feels deep inside

"This is my second Shenxin course. I could do the movements with more control this time. it was as if I felt the effects deeper inside my body. When I did the movements I could feel it in my whole body."

Better than taking a break

"I felt I could relax more than I have been able to do during previous courses. When the teacher announced that we would take a break I thought: 'Oh no, it felt so good when we practiced'."

Inflamed knee

"I have had an inflammation in my knee, which resulted in that I could not move the way I was used to. But today it feels better so something has happened during the training."

Better sight

"When we did the eye movements I was reminded of the fact that I always can see much better after a Winter Course. I have problems seeing objects and persons that are a bit further away and it is an amazing feeling to be able to see at a distance, like a revelation. I do not train so much at home, so after courses it usually goes back a bit, but now I see better again."

Getting more energy

"After the Winter Course I have trained Shenxin every morning. It gives me energy for a whole day and I am happy with that."

Less depressed and calmer

"I think Shenxin Qigong helps me a lot, even though I have not attended the Winter Course yet. Shenxin quiets my unmanageable mind and makes me feel calmer. It is very good for my mental state of health. Usually I get tired during the Autumn and have also had problems with depression, but with the help of Shenxin Qigong I can raise myself over and above the circumstances and the darkness."

Better body posture

"I feel very happy to be here. During the course I had a feeling that I have been standing on my left leg in a wrong way. I have always thought the whole of my feet was in contact with the floor, but now I know that was not the case. It was wonderful to find out that something was wrong. Now I stand much better and my whole body posture is better."

Better feeling when I train

"I have had quite some unclear symptoms during the last couple of months, e.g. unclear pain complaints. I was bitten by a tick last summer. But every time when I train, at home or in a group, it feels very good. A strong feeling. I am very inspired to continue training Shenxin, at home or by attending courses. Today, Shenxin constitutes the main part of my training."

A peaceful feeling in my body

"I have been training Shenxin during several years, but this is the first time I have managed to calm down and feel peaceful in my whole body. I have not been able to do that before."

Feeling vigorous in the dark

"Lately I have been rather tired, but now I feel that I have gathered much Qi. I have been training quite a lot of Shenxin after attending the Winter Course two years ago. The last six months I have only training Hold Qi Up, but now I will continue training Shenxin again and try to be mote vigorous despite darkness and cold weather."

Less problem with arthritis

"My joints have not been very nice to me. I have arthritis in my knees. But after the Winter Course my joints felt better and I am happily surprised about how well it went today. I am very fond of training Shenxin Qigong."

Fun and energizing

"This was the first time I trained Shenxin Qigong and I like the method. It made me feel vigorous. The night before the course I travelled by coach and only slept about one hour in a proper bed. But yesterday evening I went to a concert and forgot that I had that I had come to Stockholm early in the morning – I just did not cross my mind. I went to bed very late, but I had no problems getting up early in the morning. It has been good fun to train this method and the course has given me a lot of energy."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen