Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2008-10-16]

Right outside Turku, surrounded by water, lies the beautiful town of Pargas, where we arranged our first Autumn course on October 16-19. This is a four-day course in which the emphasis is on practising. It is open to anyone who has attended a basic course in Hold Qi Up. The school in which the course was held, is beautifully situated. The autumn leaves glowed in beautiful colours in the glistening sun. The surroundings were perfect for the course.

Höstkurs 2008_skolbyggnaden

The participants in the course ranged from those who have participated in one basic course only and maybe not practised that eagerly to those who have practised regularly for many years. The fifty seats in the course were booked already in the beginning of the summer. There was a feeling of togetherness in the course, the atmosphere was warm and we shared many hearty laughs. We all gained more Qi just by being in the strong Qi-field, but the intense level of practising naturally also helped. When asked in the questionnaire after the course, all the participants said they would participate in the course again.

The participants filled out a questionnaire both before and after the course. The replies showed that though the course was only four days long, many could see tangible health improvements. Four out of five, for example, felt their energy levels were higher.

Höstkurs 2008 diagram engelskt_350

On Monday after the course, the practice group met in Helsinki. A woman who hadn't participated in the Autumn Course herself said: "There's a glow about those of you who took the Autumn Course. Your eyes sparkle and you just laugh. I regret not participating in the course."

From the participants' comments:

The Qi-field

"I've felt the strong Qi-field. The feeling of togetherness has been great!"

"I'm so happy that this course was arranged. I had flu symptoms before the course, but now as I'm in the Qi-field I feel well."

"I usually don't feel the Qi-field, I feel stubborn as a tree stump. But yesterday when I practised on my own in the practise hall, I felt there was something special."

"It's been really nice and I've noticed that the Qi-field can carry you. The need for less sleep is tangible."

Höstkurs 2008_gruppbild

"Qigong has become a way of life for me. I just can't afford not to practise. I have a great need for longer courses such as this one. Practising at night had such a nice feeling and ambiance and I could have stood there and practised for ever. I'm convinced that this series of movements trigger the body's own healing processes. I ask myself how anyone would dare to be without Qigong?"

"Suddenly I stood there and practised in my free time in the evening. The atmosphere! And the people here are wonderful, all of them. It's been so nice."

Qi Regulation

"I've learned so much during this course. I have looked forward to the Qi regulation and I've enjoyed listening to the key words live."

"The most important thing happened yesterday during the Qi regulation, in my neck. It was great! I hope I get a complete renovation!"

About the Course

"This course has increased my motivation!"

"I've been waiting for this course like for the sun to rise and it has met all my expectations. I can enjoy practising."

"Wonderful, really good course! I'm just so very happy and full of joy!"

"I was afraid to come here, because I've had so much pain both in my body and my soul. But it been wonderful and amazing. It's great to be in this silence. I've cried but out of happiness only! I'm amazed, touched and grateful!"

"People here are so truly nice."

"Great to come here to this course. I react strongly to Qigong. Thank you for a great course!"

"This has been great fun with all the people"

"I've waited for this Autumn Course. It's so important to be here with all of you and practise. I notice that when I don't practise, I feel it immediately. It's more difficult for me to stand, but I can stand better now, more easily. My knees handle it better."

"I like the group and the atmosphere are amazing. The teachers' voices and beautiful movements feel good. My body feels lighter and I've learned to do the movements. I'm motivated to practise at home."

"This course has exceeded all my expectations. Thank you so much!"

"I enjoy all the slow movements. I go into myself and let Qi take care of me because I'm in no hurry. The food has been great, the company good, the room nice, and the discussions wonderful. It's all been good."

"It's been amazing. I've learned so much and I'm so very happy."

Höstkurs 2008_träning framifrån

Quality of Movement

"I've been helped a lot by the correcton of our movements. I've had pain in my arm, shoulder and neck, but tried arm training by myself yesterday and it was as if my arms didn't have any weight."

"It's been so nice to practise in such cosy surroundings. I struggle to improve the quality of my movements. There have been so many nice people here and the food has been so good."

More Energy

"I use Qigong for preventive reasons. I have more energy. It's good to be in Finland."

"I'm always in bad shape when I come to courses and in good shape when I leave. I have gained a lot of power here and I'm satisfied with the course."

"My shoulder healed in a Summer Course, it didn't need surgery. I used to have Sjögren's syndrome, but it's gone now and my feet, which have bothered me before, are well now. I understand that Qigong helps me. I fill up with energy each time I'm in a course."

"I feel grateful, this all feels like I've received gifts and it's so exciting to learn new things about oneself. I have gained a lot of energy which will help me manage my everyday life."

"Qigong people are so wonderful. Qigong brings out the good in a human. I've done a lot of different sports before, but now I've stopped all the others and concentrate on Qigong. I practise every morning and I get an energy kick every time. I don't need coffee for that."


"I had lumbago on Tuesday before the course and I didn't think I would manage to come to the course. I'm grateful that a teacher encouraged me to come to the course anyway, because now my back is healed. I've got rid of a lot of rubbish."

Neck, Shoulders, Back

"I feel great. The symptoms in my neck are gone!"

Höstkurs 2008_träning

"I haven't been able to sit in a car for longer periods of time for over 20 years due to my injuries. I have three ruptured disks, an injury after unsuccessful surgery, a damaged sciatic nerve and two artificial hips. But I could sit in a car the whole distance between Pargas and Helsinki with no problems. That's two and a half hours! The longest I've ever managed was one hour once. And when we reached our destination, I bent over without thinking and placed a pizza in the oven. I haven't done that in 20 years! Then I could sit in the plane home without any problems! Unbelievable!"

"I have the hardest year of my life behind me and I felt that this course was my one chance. I have had problems with my lower back and I also took a fall during the course, so I was afraid I wouldn't be able to participate. But today something happened. Suddenly I could stand there and do the movements and my back didn't hurt any more. I will continue practising Qigong. This has been a wonderful course."

"This has been a great course and it's been great to practise without having to think about making food. I've had back problems for thirty years, but now I've had a breakthrough. I can almost reach my feet."


"I forgot my medication when I left for the Autumn Course. I haven't started on them again. For the first time ever, I got through Hold Qi Up without lowering my arms. I have new faith."


"I have an injury that results in a numbness in my leg and foot. During a La Qi in this course I felt like I had mineral water in my leg. There was a bubbling sensation in it and now there is some feeling in my numb foot. I'm excited to see what is happening."


"I attended a basic course in May and this helps me start again. It's been great. At first I had a lot of thoughts in my head, but then I was calm."


"I walked around as if in a mist when I came here but it's clearer now. The course and the teachers have been nice. It has given me good Qi input."

Feel Good

"When I answered the questionnaire during the Summer Course of 2002, I would have needed a longer line to show how bad I felt. Now I need a longer line in the other direction to show how good I feel."

"This has been a fun course. Before I came here, I was totally focused on my negative sides, but after a practise session, I noticed that my mood had suddenly improved. It was great to get rid of this 'dark stuff'. Maybe it's gone for good."

Comments After the Course

"I've experienced such a wonderful thing. Besides the amazing improvement in my range of motion, which I usually feel after a course, I felt that different parts of my body found their places better this time. The body regulation has gained another dimension. And the best news is my knees, which have been bad for two years, impossible to bend because of pain and swelling, and which I've avoided to strain too much since it always lead to pain the next day, are now healed! I noticed this on Tuesday evening when my daughter and I sat on the living room floor stretching. Suddenly my knees would bend any which way, like earlier in my life. This they hadn't done in many years. I laughed and cried out and swung my legs like a little girl while my daughter just stared at me as at a fool, but eventually we both giggled as if we had been the same age. It was sensational and very liberating. For sure, I can skip the visit to the doctor I had thought I would need! Overall, I've felt very happy all the time and now I notice that I've improved my strength both in my arms and legs. Today we had our first group practise after the course and just before we finished, during the last moments of Qi regulation, my neck emitted a loud and tangible crack, and at once I felt that the stiffness and pain yielded."


Lars Hagner