Hold Qi up Vasa [2008-10-11]

The Hold Qi Up course in Vasa this autumn gathered a group of people who all contributed to the pleasant atmosphere on the course. The new students got a lot of help from the more advanced students, and in that way their learning was supported. Many of the participants experienced a greater calm and that their bodies became warmer. A good way to meet the dark weather of autumn and winter is to join a course and by that way get more energy.

From the participants comments:

Nice feeling, more alert

"The lecture made me so interested in Qigong that I decided to join the course. Even though I've been very tired and I've had a cold this week I managed to complete the course. I got a nice and easy feeling in my body and I feel much more alert."

Qigong is a good way to sleep well and remove stress

"I feel very nice and I sleep well after I've practiced. Practising Qigong is a good way to remove stress."

Vasa 081005_350

No more stomach problems

"Before I started to practice Qigong I had serious problems with my stomach, now those problems are gone."

Less tension, stronger back

"I've got rid of tension and stress by practising Qigong, and my back is stronger."

Warmer body

"My body became warmer."

Lactose intolerance, no more painkillers

"I've had many great improvements. My lactose intolerance is history and I don't have migraine any more. I used to eat painkillers on a regular basis because of pain in the back and shoulders. I've stopped eating painkillers, if I would get some pain I just practise for a while. I've experienced many improvements in problem areas which I now forget that I once had."

Nice feeling in neck and back

"I've got a nice feeling in my neck and back."

Calmer and more relaxed

"I feel calm and more relaxed."

Pedagogical structure

"This course has a good pedagogical structure."


Johannes Nordgaard