Hold Qi up Kungsängen [2008-10-11]

This time our weekend course in Kungsängen was held on the top floor in the beautiful new municipality house. From the panorama window we had a good view of the lake of Mälar and the surrounding nature. But when we started to practice we had not much time to admire the outdoor sights.

There were many advanced participants on this course and everybody seemed to enjoy the training. Here are some of the participants words after the course:

Improved circulation by qigong

"My hands are warm and I feel warmth in my shoulders. My shoulders have become softer and they are creaking".

Allergy reactions reduced by qigong training

"Some time ago I was out for dinner. I had some bread with spices. I got an allergy reaction but it was so mild so I just skipped the bread and continued to eat. If I had tasted this kind of bread before I started to practice my ears would have gone stopped-up and my tongue would have felt swollen".

Pain in body reduced by qigong

"I have practiced for about six months. My injured knee gets better every day. Earlier I always had pain. I still can feel some pain sometimes but it is quite different from how it used to be".

"My right shoulder has improved a lot. From the beginning I could not raise it high and it gave me pain so I could not sleep on it. Now it is as good as new".

Qigong in Kungsängen


Arne Nordgren