Hold Qi up Helsinki [2008-10-04]

A joyful crowd had gathered at Brändö Gymnasium in Helsinki for a weekend course in Hold Qi Up. A couple of new students had come in contact with Qigong only a few days before the course and had decided on the lecture the evening before the start of the course to jump on the Qigong train. The participants enjoyed the course noticeably and commented on the intimate, hearty atmosphere of the course.

Comments from the participants:

More energy, less stress and pain

"I have eaten medicine for many years due to a nerve damage, but I could stop taking them after my first summer course. It´s not totally fine yet, but I don´t get depressed any more from it. I want to thank everyone for the nice, intimate atmosphere this weekend!"

"I have had problems with my back that feels pretty OK right now. I have a lot of stress and deadlines at work and have felt for a long time that I needed something, but I don´t like gymnastics. This is great that you can practise at home by yourself. I had the energy last night to work after the course, I usually don´t have the energy to work at night. I´m very pleased with this course and I feel that the feeling of the course has been totally wonderful!"

"I have been a housewife for a long time and haven´t experienced "classical stress", but I´m beginning to come to my "third age" and my body´s reacting. I felt I had to do something. It is very pleasant to do something that feels more profound than gymnastics. I´m tired today, but it´s a comfortable tiredness."

Helsingfors 081005

Better sleep, neck pain gone

"I read about the course Wednesday and I blindly jumped the train and it might be that I have to digest everything for a while. I was a little bit sceptical yesterday when I thought that my restlessness would be an obstacle to be able to do Qigong. I have also bid problems with my sleep. I have a hard time to fall asleep without sleeping pills. But I changed my view last night when I was at a party and was in a wonderful mood, and I fell asleep instantly without my pills and woke up in a good mood. I can´t remember the last time I woke up without my regular "morning wryneck". So I´m very inspired today. I feel that it gives me energy. I´m definitely going to continue this! It has also been such a calm and nice atmosphere on the course!"

Help against polyneuropathy in feet, easier to breathe

"I have had a very challenging week, my mother has had complications after an operation, and I feel that I haven´t been able to breathe for the entire week. Yesterday I felt that the pressure in my chest disappeared and I could breathe again. This is my fourth course. I have polyneuropathy in my feet that expresses itself in problems with balance, cramps and other not so pleasant things. I go on check-ups on and off and the doctors are surprised that it isn´t worse. The cramps are better, before I couldn´t turn around in my bed without starting off the cramps. I have also gotten help with a lot of other things. I don´t have my headache that I always had and I haven´t gone and manipulated my neck in over two years."


Camilla Heidenberg