Hold Qi up Ljungby [2008-10-04]

The basic course in Hold Qi Up in Ljungby gathered a group of nice and friendly people. The weather was typical for this season with strong winds and lots of rain but that did not effect the participants who took part of the teaching with great interest and a positive attitude.A handful of the participants traveled 200km to take part of the course and our strong Qi field.

From the participants comments:

Less allergy, reduced pain in elbows

"My allergy is much better and the severe pain I had in my elbows is not so strong anymore. Qigongtraining is really good."

Burnt out

"I have been totally wasted and burnt out. It was like day and night after my first basic course. Everyone in my nearness wondered what I had done. I was like a totally different person, I got back the spark of life."

Summercourse, pancreas inflammation, mental and physical health

"I attended my first summercourse this summer and that was a fantastic experience. I have a chronic pancreas inflammation that caused me alot of trouble but now its much much better. My mental health is also much better, I'm more alert and happier. I had problems with my neck and one shoulder but not anymore, now I don't have to go to my naprapath. I feel that I have a new life after I started to practice Qigong."

Less migraine, mental improvements

"I've had severe migraine. Now the attacks come more seldom and they are not as tough as before. In the beginning I thought a lot about the physical part of practicing Qigong but now I notice more improvements about my mental condition, how I think and how I act towards other people and myself. It's very interesting."

Better back, kick from the homepage

"My back is much better, now I can walk in the forest and pick berries without any problem.Qigong is good. When I enter the homepage and read coursereports, publications and personal stories I get a kick and the training gets better."

Summercourse, Qigong in daily life

"I've attended the summercourse two years straight and it's really fantastic. I've already planed to go to the summer course next year. I started to practice Qigong when I saw my daughters improvement. To practice Qigong is a part of my everyday life, to eat and to practice Qigong is equally important to me."

Nice feeling

"It feels very nice, I will continue to practice."

Reduced migraine

"I have migraine. Earlier today, when we practised, a part of my headache disappeared."

Pain in the back dissapered

"I carried 350kg hay earlier this week and as usual I got back pain. Usually I take pills to stop the pain but this time I didn't. Yesterday when we practiced the pain dissapered. Qigong is very good."

Two nice days

"This two days have been very good."

Positive attitude

"I have a very positive attitude towards Qigong and I decided to give it a chance."

From wreck to something better

"When I started to practice I was a human wreck. Qigong has helped me alot."

Soft shoulders

"I have problems with my shoulders. My masseur often tells me that I have shoulders hard like wooden pieces. Yesterday, after the course, my shoulders got very very warm and now they are much softer. I'm in favour of Qigong."

Warm body after practice

"After only one hour I felt that something started to happen in places where I usually have problems. Usually I'm cold but after yesterdays exercises I was warm in my body. I will definitely continue to practice Qigong."

Qigong made chiropractor out of job

"In former times I visited a chiropractor once or twice a year. After I started to practise Qigong I haven't had the need to visit him at all."


Johannes Nordgaard