Hold Qi up Turku [2008-09-27]

The participants in the basic course in Hold Qi Up, were welcomed by a very beautiful Åbo, dressed in autumn-colours, the last weekend in September.

Åbo höst 080925_350 We, beginners and more advanced student, had a nice and joyful weekend together in a strong Qi-feld. In Åbo we can clearly see that an increasing number of people from Finland have attended the summer course. More and more summer course students come to the basic courses. At the summer course many people get the understanding of how important the Qi-feld is for our possibilities to get good results.

Some comments from the participants:

Stopped taking pain killers

"I started to practice thanks to my sister. She made me come to a course. I practiced regularly in the beginning but then I forgot the training. My work was stressful and I didn't take the time to practice. In the beginning of this year I was early retired due to my back problems. Then I got time to practice and I've attended the group training, basic courses and summer course. I've stopped taking all my strong pain killers that I needed before. I was very sceptical in the beginning as I've worked in the medical business. I've even done some research in that area. I start to realise that you can trigger the body's ability to heal it and this training method really works this way. Nowadays it's hard for me to stay away from courses."

Problems in the back and neck

"My neck and back were stiff when I came to the course but now they feel completely relaxed."

Friend with the body, travel nervousity

"I've become softer and more flexible in my body. As a teenager I was clumsy. I hated gymnastic in school as I was always the last one to be chosen in team sports. Being almost 60 years old, it's exciting that I start to realise that I have a body and that the body is my friend. I was watching dance the other day and I was surprised that I wanted to dance myself. Now I've signed up for a dance class! I'll go to Paris and for a month I've been nervous. It feels good to attend this course to calm down and get together before the journey. It feels good to have an invisible friend at the journey!"

Åbo korrigering 080928

Daily training, summer course

"This course is the first one when nothing happens to me. But it was really nice as I could enjoy the training in a different way. Qigong is a life line for me. I understand that I must practice daily. The summer course made me understand what Qigong is all about."

"At the summer course I understood that I must practice every day. I haven't as I've had to much work. I've learned to listen more to my body and I realise that I need to practice to feel good. It's easy to feel sorry for oneself instead."

"Qigong is a natural part of my every day life now. Since the summer course I've practiced every morning. I feel much better now compare to how I felt before."

"I get more energetic by getting up earlier to practice instead of sleeping a bit more. Then I work much better as well."

Body control, better balance and patience

"I feel much better now compared to three and a half years ago when I started to practice. Then I was stiff and clumsy. Now I have a much better control of my movements and a better balance. Being able to bend down to tie my shoes and being able to climb up a stool makes my every day life much easier. The slow movements have given me more patience. I'm not that stressed. I can suffer waiting in a line."


Lars Hagner