Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2008-09-27]

Our fourth basic course, in Hold Qi Up, in Copenhagen took place in a beautiful and warm autumn weather. A crowed of both new students and more advanced ones attended the course in a nice atmosphere. The beginners learned the movements for the first time. The more advanced students got their movements corrected and not the least contributed to the strong Qi-feld that we have on all our courses.

Some comments from the participants:

Good sleep

"I had heard about Qigong for a long time and now I'm here thanks to a friend. It feels good to try something new. My friend and I can practice together now. I slept well this night and I felt energetic in the morning."

"I slept very well this night. Very deep and that was great."

Free from smoking

"This summer, at the summer course, I decided to stop smoking. I've been free from smoking since that. I never thought I would be able to. A year ago when I had attended my first basic course immediately I felt that my body got softer and I have got great improvements, both physically and mentally."

Problems with the feet

"I used to have a lot of problems with my feet but I haven't since I started to practice Qigong. I'm very impressed by that. The weekly group training that we have here in Copenhagen has been a great help for me to keep on practicing."

Walk and stand better

"Today I've almost been able to walk normally and when I can stand much better when I practice."


"It's a good combination, to work with physical movements and peace in mind. I practice to prevent frailness. I want to have a good life and I'm happy to have Qigong as a part of my ordinary life."

Relaxed shoulders and less pain

"I study at the music conservatory here in Copenhagen and playing the piano a lot makes my shoulders stiff. But now after the training they have relaxed. A muscle in my back has stoped numbed. Qigong has helped me to not give up mentally. Today when we practiced "La Qi" it was just like automatically"

"I'm very satisfied feeling that my shoulders functions better now when I do the movements. My knee doesn't hurt as it did before. The pain in my neck disappeared after my first basic course and it hasn't turned up again."

Good atmosphere and a lot of energy

"It feels great to notice what a good atmosphere it is here at the course. I got a lot of energy from the basic courses."


Fatima Ringvall