Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2008-09-27]

A qigong course in Mariehamn in the autumn can't be wrong. At least so said the positive participants on the Sunday afternoon when summing up the experiences from the weekend. As usual the course was in the beautiful localities of the Mariehamn dancing school. Although it was a bright autumn weather outside everybody participated with good concentration.

Here is what the Hold qi up participants on Åland said:

"On Saturday I was very tired but now I feel strong, much stronger than before".

"Yesterday I was so relaxed so all cars passed me on my way home".

Blood pressure lower after practicing qigong

"During this year my blood pressure has become higher. Already on Saturday, I felt very calm and relaxed so my blood pressure is probably lower now".

"I had a high blood pressure during spring and my doctor told me to eat pills. I didn't like the idea and practiced eagerly during one week. Then I checked my blood pressure again and it was normal. My doctor didn't quite believe it and said that he would like to have a new check during autumn".

Migraine disappeared after practicing qigong

"I have got a new life since my migraine has disappeared".

Qigong makes pain in neck and back controllable

"Daily practicing gives me the chance to avoid pain in my back and my neck".

Mariehamn Hold qi up autumn 2008


Arne Nordgren