Hold Qi up Stockholm [2008-09-20]

The athmosphere was positive at the first basic course in Stockholm this autumn. As usually the beginners got a lot of help from the more advanced students.

From the participants comments:


"I've practiced for three years. It's been a great time. I didn't start due to any special health problem. I started because I was interested in Qigong. I work a lot but still, by Qigong I can fast get mentally calm. I sleep well even though I have many deadlines. The training is very pleasant and it gives me much joy."

"The course was a very positive experience. My body feels smother and somehow I feel calm. I look forward to continue to practice."

"It has been good to be here. The training makes me calmer and I got much energy from it."

"This weekend has been worthwhile. I feel calm and I'm happy that I came here."

"I practice daily and I've noticed that I'm more harmonic and much calmer now compared to before. Zhineng Qigong is a good way to take care of life."

Calmer and happier

"Qigong has helped me to become much calmer and happier. I can trust myself and others more. It's been very nice to practice and I'm happy that I came here."

Good to correct the movements

"It was good to correct the movements. I'll try to practice every evening."


"This summer I attended the nine-day summer course, the best nine days I've ever had."

Asthma and allergy, summercourse

"I suffer from asthma and allergy. After the summer course this year I didn't have to blow my nose for three weeks. My fingers, being a bit crooked has started to straighten up. The summer course is the best thing I've done. I can recommend the beginners to go there."

Not afraid of flying anymore

"It has been a good weekend. Recently I noticed a quite fun result. I've been very afraid of flying but the last time I flew I could even see how beautiful it is up there among the clouds."

The gentle smile

"Everything is easier when you smile."

Better wellbeing

"It's never to late to start to practice Qigong. By practicing Qigong I keep an operation in my back away from me. I feel much better and the life works easier with the training."

Positive realization

"I understand that this is a very good thing for me to do."


Lars Hagner