Hold Qi up Hangö [2008-08-23]

A good way to start the fall season by charging up on inspiration and Qi was what encouraged around 20 people to gather in Hangethesalen in Hangö High School. And we acquired plenty of both. The ambiance was calm and cordial and we let ourselves be inspired by each other's good results. The good companionship is one reason why so many return to this specific course year after year. The possibility to improve their health and get started practising again after the vacation period is an other reason. The beginners liked the very positive ambiance and were inspired by the effectiveness of the method. One of the beginners even cured an eczema during the course.

From the participants' comments:

Small but effective movements

"This is my first course. It's all been very good. I was greatly surprised by the fact that such small movements can get the body going."

Eczema disappeared

"It's been really fun to attend my first course. I feel much calmer now after the course. I was quite stressed before. I suffer from allergies and have had an eczema for about a month. The eczema disappeared during this course."

No colds and reduced hand tremor

"My husband and I practise together. We don't have colds any more, not since we started practising. Today for the first time, I felt that time and space disappeared when we practised. I felt like I was in a bubble. I suffer from essential tremor, which is a disturbing trembling of the hands. When I started practising La Qi, I felt like all the flood gates opened and I trembled like never before. When I had practised for about a month, there where seconds when my hands didn't tremble at all. The calm periods have gradually grown longer and at times there are moments when my hands are completely normal. I have suffered from tremor for 30 years and the picture I've had in my mind is one of elderly ladies who cannot even lift a spoon to their mouths. But now I'm improving."

Hangö 080824

Improved balance

"This is my second basic course. I suffer from physical problems and stress. I've had problems with my balance and not been able to bend forward. Now I can almost touch my feet."

Reduced pain and more energy

"I used to have sore shoulders and suffer from headaches. These came from tensions that I developed in my profession as a teacher. Already during my first course, I felt that Qigong gets to the right places. I realized that I reacted in the same way as I would from acupuncture, but Qigong I can do myself. Last summer, I was mountain climbing. I grew tired and had to give in. I sat down on a rock and waited while the others went on. While I waited, I took the opportunity to practise some La Qi. Then I had more energy and could continue climbing. I made it all the way to the top without increasing my heart rate or getting out of breath."

Good for rheumatics

"I'm a rheumatic and I can feel that this is good for me."

More supple hip

"I need the support of others and I think it's good to attend these courses. I always learn something new. When I started practising, I had problems with my thyroid gland and also suffered from menopausal symptoms. I also had problems with my hip, and I walked like an eighty-year-old. I immediately noticed that my hip improved and I could walk more easily. I feel better and get calmer mentally when I practise. Otherwise I'm incredibly restless."

Good exercise for expecting mothers

"This is the third course for my unborn baby. It's amazing to be able to practise this even though you're nine months pregnant. In the information centre, they were sorry that there was no pre-natal workout classes in my home town. Not a problem for me, because you can practise Qigong even if you're expecting. I've been incredibly healthy during my pregnancy. Actually, I've never felt this good. We are both healthy and I think it's due to Qigong."

Better at relaxing

"I came here to get Qi and calm. Yesterday I found it slightly difficult to relax, especially my legs. Today I've been able to relax better and I've thought less about it. This course has been really inspiring."

Less distracting thoughts

"Basic courses are really important for my motivation. I need to practise in order to empty my head of thoughts. These two days have passed really quickly and the course hasn't been hard at all."

Migraine disappeared

"I've suffered from migraine since I was a small child. I would have really difficult migraine attacks of 4-5 days and I would have more migraine days than healthy days. The migraine ruled my life. But now, since a year, I'm totally migraine free. A few months ago, someone asked me if I really don't carry my emergency medication any longer. I didn't know, so I checked my purse. There was a pill, but it had expired."


Jeanette Heidenberg