Hold Qi up Nagu [2008-09-06]

Beautiful Nagu hosted a basic course in Hold Qi Up in the first weekend of September. This was our second course in Nagu, and this time, too, we had participants both from Nagu and from other parts of the country. Many chose to combine a weekend in a cottage with some Qigong, and what can be more relaxing than a Qigong weekend in the Åboland archipelago.

The opportunity to practise together was appreciated by both new and repeating participants. Many of the beginners immediately felt that this was "their thing" and those who repeated the course could share how important it is to practise together with others, both in our courses and in our practise groups. Practising in a group gives faster results, which we also noticed in the course. But the participants also pointed out how happy they feel when the practise together and get to meet nice people.

From the participants' comments:

No more infections

"For me it is essential to build a habit of practising every day. The day I start with Qigong is a day saved. Stress doesn't get to me in the same way. I feel really good nowadays, there's nothing wrong with me any more. I never have infections any longer."

Nagu LUQ 080908

Feel good from practising

"I've practised for five years and that's a lot for me! I usually can't manage to keep anything up for that long. For me it is really important to participate in the practice group and to repeat courses. I feel good both physically and mentally thanks to Qigong."

"I'm content, happy and delighted. This is my thing. I will continue."

"It is fun and feels good to practise. I like it."

"It's been fun to share this course with so many nice people. It makes me so happy. I've never left a course like this on a Sunday and been in a bad mood."

Better back

"I had difficult back problems when I started. I've been diligent and practised every day. I've seen a great change. I started a new job, where I travel a lot and I wasn't at all certain that my back would take it, but it has!"

Help with insomnia, difficult-to-heal wound and motion sickness

"It is so relaxing to join a course. I've always seen improvement after every course. I suffered from insomnia for many years. Qigong is the first thing to help me. Earlier, I would lie sleepless night after night. Now I rarely have any problems sleeping. After the previous course two good things happened. I had a small wound on my chin that wouldn't heal. But after the course it healed. Earlier, I've suffered from motion sickness, but after the course I could read a book with really small text for a whole hour while riding in a car. That has never happened before."

Less tired

"I was really tired before the course, but I noticed how I was invigorated immediately after the lecture. I believe in this method. It's really good for me to empty my head."

Better head and neck

"This is my thing. In just two days my head and neck have improved. I feel good."

Calmer and less irritated

"The mornings when I practise Qigong, I'm more focused and calmer. I notice that I'm more present in my body and make less mistakes, like dropping things. I feel better both physically and mentally. I'm less irritated with the children both at home and in school."

Less sore throat, colds, reduced sensitivity to mobile phone radiation

"I'm sensitive to mobile phone radiation, but through Qigong I have seen relief. I heal my sore throat using Qigong. If I wake up with pain in my throat, I just run through the program once and after that the pain is gone. Since I started practising Qigong I've only had one cold."

Find solutions to problems

"Practising makes me feel good. Sometimes it helps me solve problems. I just suddenly realize what the solution is, calmly and quietly."


Jeanette Heidenberg