Hold Qi up Cambridge [2008-09-06]

We have had our first course in Cambridge which is an old town full of beautiful colleges. We had typical English weather with a lot of rain. But for us who spent a lot of our weekend at St Philips Primary Schools nice hall the weather did not matter.

As the course was held in a new town for us most of the people were beginners. There were also more men than women, which is unusual. We got a lot of support from people who repeated the course from Norwich.

Some comments from the participants

Better circulation

"I used to have cold hands and feet but that is not a problem anymore. Scars that I have had on my hands are healed."

More calm and less stressed

"The Qigong training has helped the whole of me and I practice regularly. I have become calmer and do not feel stress the same way as I did earlier. That has changed me as a person and I now realise that I can change things about myself that I don't like."

Harmony and good atmosphere

"I knew nothing about Qigong when I came here. I am glad that I came and it has been a good atmosphere on the course."

"The warm atmosphere during the course helped me to learn the exercise."

"It has been a nice group and I appreciate the good laughs during the education. There have been harmony and calm during the practicing."

More energy

"I am surprised how much we have been able to learn during the course. I had a lot of energy last night when I came home."

Simplicity and natural training

"I have enjoyed the course. For a long time I have been looking for a method with clarity. The structure of the course is clear and it is legible done. This has inspired me to continue to practice Zhineng Qigong."

"I have tried many different training before and I have had to force myself to practice. There is something natural in this Zhineng Qigong and I have not become as tired as I used to. I like the simplicity in the exercises."

Less migraine

"The migraine that I have had for 15 years is reduced to less than half and I can use Zhineng Qigong when I feel the migraine is on its way."

More social and persistent

"Earlier when I have learned something I have done it for a while and then I have been giving up. Qigong is the first training that I have continued to do. This weekend I have had enough energy to be social and talk to others during the course."


Fatima Ringvall