Hold Qi up Hamar [2008-09-06]

We have now arranged our first Qigong course in Hamar. The person who helped us arrange the course – a live wire – have participated in a lot of courses through the years and wanted to have a course in his hometown. Almost all the participants were beginners and the curiosity as well as the joy of the participants was palpable. After the course a group will come together in Hamar once a week to practice.

Some of the participant's comments can be found below.

Better balance and reduced back pain

"The last three years I have had a great deal of problems after having been bitten by a tick. I have had concentration difficulties and pain in my joints. My brothers have poor balance, and I was no different, but after the tick my balance got really bad. I wasn't sure at all that I would be able to endure two days at this course. As a matter of fact I was pretty sure that I would not be able to do it. But, I think that I have been able to concentrate. Being here has made me feel calm and comfortable; I do believe that this has helped me to concentrate better. My balance has improved a lot. I can stand with my legs together and my eyes closed, which is a great improvement. And on Sunday morning I woke up without any back pain! So I will continue to practice."

Basic Zhineng Qigong course in Hamar

Strong Qi and better stomach

"After joining the lecture just a short while I got a strong feeling of Qi. I could feel it all the way up in my head. Since way back I have had problems with my stomach and I have noticed that some tension there has been released. I feel good now."

Better balance

"I think it has been a nice course. I can feel that my balance has improved. I hope that my circulation can improve as I get older, so I will continue to practice."

Energy and rheumatoid arthritis

"I practice Qigong to get a surplus of energy – and I do get it. I've also had problems with rheumatoid arthritis, it's inheritable. During the second level summer course this year I decided to try to get by without any medication. I did so and haven't used the medication after the course either. I can feel that my joints aren't completely OK, but the problems are kept at such a level that I can manage without any medication."

Nice walkthrough and good to have a group

"I've been practicing Qigong for one and a half year, but haven't joined any course since last summer. After that course I have practiced by myself. I really look forward to practicing with a group in Hamar. I had a lot of corrections and enjoyed that the walkthrough of the exercises was thorough."

Troublesome arms and neck

"I have been seeing a physiotherapist due to my troublesome arms and neck. I've had a lot of inflammations in my arms and have some pain in my neck. The first time we tried the exercise I felt difficult, but when we practiced the last time I was able to do almost the whole exercise!"

Slept well

"I was curious to find out about Qigong after all the things that I had heard. I don't really know if I have got any results yet, but I slept well tonight. I'm not able to do that every night."

Nice tone and great calm

"I have joined a Qigong course a while ago, but that was something else than this. A different rhythm. I'm curious about Qigong and have enjoyed the course. I want more energy; I do not have much of that anymore. The mood at the course was very nice and I have felt very calm."

Positive and constructive

"I started Qigong for a very concrete reason: Back problems. It disappeared after a short while. After that I wanted to keep Qigong in my life as it enables me to do difficult things and still have enough energy to smile and keep calm. I have a job that many persons get very tired of but I don't feel much about that. I have changed so that I'm more positive and constructive. I do notice, however, that if I do not practice I tend to start handling things the way I did before – not very good for me or others. That tells me that it is important that I focus on Qigong."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen