Summer Course 2 HQU Kvänum [2008-07-02]

Just like last year, the number of persons who participated in this year's level 2 summer course was higher than ever before. Among the 126 participants many veterans were present, but there were also those who had only trained qigong for nine days before (i.e. who had attended the first summer course). The atmosphere was very pleasant and warm. Many participants made use of the possibility to do extra training in the evenings, often after having enjoyed a cup of tea and a cheerful chat outside the training hall. Gentle smiles could be seen everywhere during the course. In addition to a general increase in the participant's Qi-levels, many physical and mental improvements could be noted after the course. Better sight, decreased pain levels, suppler bodies, increased calm, increased happiness and a stronger feeling of Qi are some of the examples that were mentioned by the participants (se also the quotes below).

The traditional cabaret, which was held halfway during the course, contained a program with a lot of variation. Both veterans and newcomers showed their talents and shared their Qi with the audience. Among the many highlights there was a highly appreciated performance of the "Qigong family" and a charming belly dance in a Norwegian fashion. The performers both moved the audience and made them laugh many times. After the show gentle smiles could be seen everywhere. Hopefully all participants will be able to reconnect to this feeling when they think back of the cabaret during the year to come.

Many thanks to all who joined the course!

The artists of the Qigong cabaret year 2008 at the summer course level 2

As usual a survey was conducted before and after the course. The answers show that 66% of the participants raised their energy levels, 64% felt less stressed and 52% improved their health state during the course.

Below, some of the participant's comments can be found.

Improvements in legs and eyesight

"When I came here one of my feet hurt. One day earlier I went to an emergency unit. They gave me antibiotics, so when I came here I felt tired and faint – I just wanted to rest. But I was stubborn and did the training after all. My knees have been very stiff, but I forced myself to do Dun Chiang. My knees are much suppler now! One day my legs started shaking and I had to sit. I took out the orthopedic heel cushion that I usually have in my shoes in order to compensate for a difference in the length of my legs. Without the heel cushions I could stand straight and train without any problems. Furthermore I did not need my glasses during the course. I am very happy and thankful that I came here and that I did not stay at home."

Frozen shoulder recovered after 22 years

"This course I have experienced what all are waiting for. I can raise my arm again! To all of you who cannot raise your arms, don't give up! Keep on training! It will pay off in the end. About 22 years ago had an injury in one of my legs. The wound got infected and I was forced to use crutches for a longer time, which eventually led to a frozen shoulder. This Spring I started training with the help of the CD. I would like to thank all of you for this strong Qi-field. It has helped me a lot. For a long time I have not been able to hug people but now I can raise my arm and give people around me a real hug."

Enjoy the training

"I am pregnant and this summer course I have been especially happy to have the possibility to train together with my baby. It has been easier to relax and enjoy the training. Previously I suffered a lot from eczema and allergy, but almost all my problems disappeared after I started training Qigong. It is wonderful that we have the opportunity to use this method. In a way it feels as if the real training starts now that have gotten rid of most of the physical and mental pollution."

Group picture from the summer course level 2 2008

Arthritis in knee and toe

"I have had problems with my left knee. I have arthritis. The elastic tissue around my bones is completely worn out. Bending my body has been hard for me. I have been able to bend a little bit, but not more than that. Neither was I able to really stand on my leg, but now I can. I can also bend down the body completely when I do Dun Qiang. It is very exiting! I have also arthritis in the joints of my big toes. It is called Hallus Rigidus. My toes have become suppler. It feels comfortable."

Circulation improved on my left side

"Yesterday when I did Dun Chiang I felt how something opened up in the left side of my brain. It gave me a wonderful power. When I did my arm training I felt like tendons released in my left arm and also in my heart. I also feel that a change is on its way in my left leg. I feel very motivated to keep on training."

Knee problems disappeared

"I have had problems with the upper part of my stomach and had a hard time bending down when I trained Hold Qi Up, but those problems have completely disappeared. Lately I have also suffered from pain in my left knee, which has disturbed me when I trained. This has also completely disappeared. Moreover I feel both happier and more alert than I did before."

Very powerful Qi field

"It has been incredibly easy for me to practice in the Qi field. It's like flying. It's an incredible feeling when you feel that the force helps you. I'm not really able to know the strength in a Qi field, but I can know when it is really powerful. It is a very nice experience."

Happy and positive

"Since three years back I have problems with stress and sleeping. I have some tension in my shoulders that has been released. It's nice when things happen during every arm training. It squeaks in my back and some other places. Some things have happened in my stomach. It feels really nice! I feel more positive, I haven't been this positive in three years. At this moment I feel very happy. Thank you so much!"

A lot of helping hands

"The great thing this time is that I have greater confidence. As a handicapped person, people may not help you when you need it. They may not want to, they may not have the energy. You are always in a needing position. But this year there has always been a helping arm. I could safely stand here in the canteen and someone would hand me porridge. Outside the door, I would feel like a cat waiting for someone to let me in. But someone always showed up. And if it rained, they would show up with an umbrella. It's been wonderful and it's meant that more people want to give a hand. The more people who see me talking to someone and having a good time, the more people will want to give it a try. I think I know more people than anyone else in the group. I may know the life story of 50 people. It's been a good experience. And the food is better than ever."

Good routines, happiness and respect

"I'm very happy to have been here. It's a very nice place to be at. I love the routines – to be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. All I have to do is practice! It gives med incredibly much – it gives me calmness and pleasure. I try to work a little in the kitchen during the summer courses, particularly during the day we take a break. It feels better to stay in the area. It was really exciting since the Qi field was so strong in there. The unique thing about these courses is that we are here under circumstances in where people show each other respect. I can be myself. I cannot think of a lot of places where we show each other respect today and this feels very good. So I want to thank you all for that."

A chance to get life back

"When I arrived I felt weary after a lot of severe infections. I definitely had no life and had a lot of pain. This is my first summer training – I decided during the first stage to stay for the second one. Now I'm filling myself with life. I really feel that I have to give this as well as myself a chance. It's given me so much that I have a completely new readiness when I go home. I have a chance to handle my pain and to be alive. Thank you so much for all the kindness. I have a lot to give when now that I'm leaving for home."

Warm body and calm mind

"My shoulders and hands usually feel like blocks of ice. Therefore I have enjoyed a tingling sensation in my hands and when I started to feel warm in my hands and shoulders. All of a sudden I took off my warm sweatshirt, and then I started to wear a t-shirt. I feel warm and things have started to loosen up in my neck and head. It feels like I've opened up the door to another room. I've been able to keep calm. Both Hold Qi up and La Qi during the courses have been wonderful. The mental cram that I suffer from has been released, it comes back now and then but it is less severe and I have found a way to handle it. I'm also very grateful that I know how to think – positive thinking is something that I have been striving for during a whole year. "

Light shoulders

"This is the first time that I have joined a summer course and I have stayed for 18 days. I have to say that I'm very pleased to have found this. There are a lot of likable persons here and a lot of training – and I do need that. My shoulders feel very light. Previusly I was tense just about all the time, but now I feel that my shoulders are where they are supposed to be. I'm confident that if I continue to practice I will improve even more. "

Things happen even after five years

"I've been practicing for five years now. I started Qigong after I got problems with my joints and got a lot of help with that. What fascinates me is that new things keep on happening all the time. Things improve all the time. After practicing for so long I feel that I should be able to know what will happen, but new things always happen. At this course I've been able to do Dun Chiang – it's actually quite easy!"

Less sensitive for sounds

"I've suffered from tinnitus during many years and along with that I've become very sensitive for sounds. As an example I've had to use ear plugs when visiting restaurants. During my practice at one of the first days the noise in my ears increased remarkably, I did of course get worried. But later, during the cabaret I was able to handle the applauds better than before. I usually have to put my fingers in my ears. So my sensitivity for sounds has improved. This is a course that I would not want to miss for all the money in the world!"

Stopped snoring

"I've had a problem with snoring during many years. Here it was a problem especially when we changed rooms before level two. On Thursday, when someone woke me up, she told me that I didn't snore. And I haven't snored for the last two nights either. This is good, because snoring is said to increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. I hope that I'm rid of my snoring forever."

Nimble legs

"I've been here for 18 days. This is my third summer course and I've taken all 18 days each time. A lot has happened this course. So much that I almost don't believe it. I worry that as soon as I leave, nothing will be left. That I have to practice so much, and that I will maybe not manage. I have MS and it has just let go at times and then I just know how to walk. I just feel: "Right, that's how you do it!" I have ups and downs. I think it's great to be here. Everybody's so nice. I get strength from that. In the first week, I would practice walking in a small room close to the kitchen. Then I could walk six steps before I had to rest. I could walk only three times. Now I can run around in the practice hall. It's amazing and a bit scary. Thank you for a good course."

Better eyesight and no toothache

"It just gets better every summer. My back is even straighter and during an arm training I could feel my shoulders drop and also move backwards a little. I can move my arms much better now. Others claim that I walk a little faster. I can tell this by myself too when I scurry around taking pictures of the sunsets and enjoying the nature. 13 years ago I fell and almost lost a tooth. It is very sore. I got some pain relief by the help of acupuncture, enough to enable me to eat. Now I feel almost nothing and I'm able to chew. My eyesight has improved. The glasses that I usually need to see you that stand in the front have not been necessary. I can see you anyway."

I can see better than before the course

"During a lecture something in the back of my head opened up. Then my eyes felt strange afterwards and I could see well. I could read the posters across the room. But then it got worse again. I thought: oh, that's a pity. It's been fluctuating. During an arm training I felt nauseous and after that I could see better again. Now it's stabilized and I can see a bit better than before the course. This is good, because I can't afford to buy new glasses."

Alert during the whole course

"This has been my best summer course so far. It was the first time that I felt alert during the whole course. I have a strong feeling that all the training that I have done since 2002 has contributed to me getting this far. I can still improve a lot in my back but things improve step by step in my back too. The thing that gives me the most joy is that I have got a greater calmness and better life quality. I will come back here and also to the winter course in Bollnäs, it's just as nice."

Effects that lasts

"I joined a summer course ten years ago and remember many good effects. At the start it was tough but I'm aware of that I do need to do this to recharge my batteries. From earlier courses I remember that the effects will last until about April or May next year. This is a new start and I think that the combination of a summer course, weekend courses and my own training will give me a lot in the future. Mentally I feel calmer after the course and got quite much from the things that Su Dongyue talked about. His lectures give me a lot of input and motivation. Physically my shoulders feel better. They move better and I'm very pleased with that."

Feel more Qi year by year

"The training goes well and I can feel more Qi year by year. It is actually a very powerful experience. It helps my confidence for Qigong and gives me a lot of training motivation."

A special experience

"This was my first summer course. It has been a very special experience; it may very well change the course of my life. I was stiff when I arrived but now I'm much more agile."


Su Dongyue