Summer Course 1 HQU Kvänum [2008-06-23]

The tall silo over the plain of Västergötland is the first harbinger of Kvänum, the small town a few miles outside of Skara that has served as our host for the last five summer courses. The school building of Nästegårdsskolan served as boarding for the 155 participants aged 8-80 from Sweden, Norway, Finland and England, who had come to participate in this year's summer course, our fourteenth consecutive summer course.

The tall silo over the plain of Västergötland is the first harbinger of Kvänum, the small town a few miles outside of Skara that has served as our host for the last five summer courses. The school building of Nästegårdsskolan served as boarding for the 155 participants aged 8-80 from Sweden, Norway, Finland and England, who had come to participate in this year's summer course, our fourteenth consecutive summer course.

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In all our courses we have both new and more experienced participants. Many of the new participants noticed and were surprised by the positive atmosphere. They were pulled into the positive spirit and chipped in with their own friendly smiles.

Every course we have half a day off. This year many of our participants chose to spend their time off in the newly opened medieval village in Götene. The evening ended with one of the high points of the course: the cabaret, where all the participants who so wish to share their skills have the opportunity to perform. We were served a variety of entertainment, from oriental belly dancing accompanied by Norwegian folk music to engaging sing-alongs. The ambiance and positivity of the cabaret is highly appreciated. To quote the words of one of the participants: "I had heard about the cabaret, but I never imagined it would be so good. It would be worth coming here just to attend the cabaret!"

The good results that many of our students attain receive increasingly more attention. During this course we had several visits from the media, both local and national. During this summer and fall, articles will be published. Check our website for more information!

The summer courses are the best we can offer. The courses are lead by our main teacher Su Dongyue. Through his teaching, we have the opportunity to take part in his wisdom and experience. We practise in a very strong Qi-field, which gives us the chance to improve our health. During these first nine days, many of the participants attained good results. Inspired by the improvements and the nice atmosphere, quite a few chose to continue in the second level course, which is another nine days. Some participants have also chosen to share their experience in a personal story. These will be published on our website. After each course, we evaluate the results of the participants using questionnaires before and after the course. The following results were achieved:

Graph summer course 2008

Below follow some of the participants' comments on the course.

A positive and inspiring atmosphere

"I never think I've been to a place with such kind people. It's kindness the whole way through; young and old, man and woman."

"This course is among the best things I've ever done. There's nothing that beats this. My self esteem is higher. You are just wonderful people. When I came here I realized that my problem is nothing compared to what some of you have to struggle with. I've felt a bit small, really. Now I suffer from separation anxiety. I would really like to stay for another nine weeks. But I have to go home. I start working soon and I need time to digest this. I think my thoughts will be with you. I feel an amazing gratitude. I'm so happy to have found Qigong. Like Sweden's King Karl XII said once, when the cannon balls were flying around him. He asked what that sound was. They answered: "They are firing at Your Majesty". He then replied: "From now on, this will be my music."

"It's a very positive experience to meet all the nice people and it's great to hear about all these fantastic improvements."

"This is my first summer course and I'm really happy to be here. I had heard about the summer course before I got here but it was impossible to imagine what is would be like. This is a big thing! A great experience!"

"Much has happened and I have a lot of energy. Thank you for all your love and consideration and for your willingness to speak English to us. We really appreciate that!"

"The atmosphere has been very pleasant. When I came here I wished to have a single room because I want to be by myself from time to time, but it has been very nice in the room with the others. It is a pity that I cannot stay for the other course as well. But I will come back and feel that I have a platform to stand on. I was very tense on the right side of my body but the tension has diminished. There have been many good laughs. Extremely nice!"

"This is a wonderful context. To spend nine days among angels – it does good and gives room to let out your innermost feelings. I will not mention any names so as not to forget anyone. Thank you all!"

"Wonderful! I'm happy for the opportunity to practise what we practise. I feel calmer in body and mind and I walk better."

"The atmosphere here is amazing! Wonderful!"

"Thanks a lot for all kindness and excellent practical arrangements."

"It was great fun helping out in the kitchen. I feel my character has been strengthened by my managing to, e.g., fry 110 pork chops, doing things that I haven't done before."

Summer course 2008 kitchen

"You should be good to yourself as long as you have yourself, the Danish say. Thanks to all you wonderful people for arranging this course!"

"It feels great that there are all these teachers that I can trust no matter what. Whenever I have had any questions I feel that the teachers really care, have time to answer the questions and have answers to give. The time schedule has been really good. The hotel room was perfect. When I first heard about the sleeping arrangements, I thought I would never attend a summer course. But now I would not want to have a room of my own!"

"It's been really positive! I'm inspired and I will continue practising Qigong. I've noticed that I have better stamina than I had thought. It's good when the body feels lither and when I can walk straighter. It's been great to meet so many nice people. Thank you!"

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course. I highly appreciate the friendliness and consideration shared by people here and also all the work that the leaders do in order for everyone to have a great time here. I would also send my thanks to the kitchen staff. I have received a lot of good help during the training. I don't know by whom, but thanks!"

"This is my first summer course. I felt good before and even better now. I'm lither and I've practised my endurance. I've got rid of pain that I didn't even know I had. It feels great."

"It has been a wonderful course. Mentally I have fought a lot with thoughts, but I really feel that I have been successful and I am proud of my performance. You are of course a big part of my success."

"A lot has happened in the other four courses that I've participated in. This time I have kind of landed and become calmer; I even feel at home. Now I can see the possibilities instead of seeing the problems. I am calm, glad and happy."

"The loveliest thing about this course is all the people and there's almost no irritation anywhere. Everybody respects each other which makes it very nice to come here for nine days. Outside this course it is quite different. But if you smile at someone they will get astounded and you get a smile back."

"This is my third time here. The nicest thing is all the people. When we get to know each other I can hug you and you're not surprised. I have stronger and stronger feelings for you all here. The more I'm here, the more I see how much our teachers and leaders work. Still they have the energy to be friendly and kind to us in the days and late in the nights they work so hard. Last summer, we discussed how grateful we are for learning this method. If we ever end up in difficult situations, even if I ended up in jail and would have to sit in a small corner, I could still practise La Qi. When I know this, and use this symbolic thought, I realize that I can manage anything. There are no problems no matter what happens."

"The absolutely best thing here is that I've regained a bit of my confidence in humanity. I'm quite disillusioned sometimes. It's good to see all the people who dare to open up, take their masks off and dare to be loving, like we all are on the inside. But out there we don't have the courage or possibility to show it. It's made me really happy. I will think about this during the winter when I need it."

"I'm really grateful to be here. It's been great. I feel softer and warmer. I feel really grateful towards everybody here and to Su Dongyue."

Summer course 2008 cabaret

"The cabaret was great. The joy and love that I felt was really great."

"I can take the days as they come. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere here in the evenings. In my first years I was so fascinated. I just sat down and looked, felt and I did a Hold Qi Up as a mild night cap. Now I actually feel that the Qi-field gives me the possibility to practice more than I manage to do at home. It has been a very good course. I am staying for the following course as well and I feel very pleased about it."

"I am very grateful to be able to stay here. I got the feeling of being softer. The body gets softer and warmer. I feel gratitude towards everyone here, Dongyue Su included. I have had it cosy in my room and I have received good help with correcting the movements."

"When I came here I was quite irritated. I easily felt irritated with people. I've worked on this and now I don't feel any like that anymore. Instead I feel grateful towards you all. So you don't have to be worried that I'll hit you in the face. I don't have to be so tough all the time. I just love seeing children. I enjoy the food I eat and the air I breathe and the smell when I go outside in the morning. I enjoy to pet the cat, Oscar, and to see him enjoy the Qi-field. Enjoying all this makes me even more relaxed. This is a smart and efficient method!"

Pelvic Pain Disappeared

At my first summer course I was very depressed. My dad had passed away and I felt worse and worse. The summer of 2002 I joined my first summer course. I thought I wouldn't manage but I fought my way through the course. It was very valuable to have everyone here to talk to. This winter I felt that my energy diminished. Sometimes I find it hard to practise at home. This is the best course I have ever been to. I can't describe it. There are so many things happening. Doing the arm training, I feel like an eagle. It's incredible! A couple of times I've had surgery and after the last one I had a lot of pain in my pelvis but after some days at the summer course the pain disappeared. I've also had a lot of pain in one of my arms but after a long session of arm training it disappeared as well. Thank you so much for a lovely course. The atmosphere has been great."

Pain in the Back

"This is my first summer course. Qigong is definitely something for me. I want to thank all of you. I've had a strong feeling from the Qi-field and we've decided to have a very strong Qi-field from Helsinki and the whole way to Norway where we all can connect. Almost my whole life I've had a lot of pain in my back. Due to these problems I'm sick listed. Considering the arm training I was so grateful when I had pain in my shoulders instead of in my back. Finally things started to happen in the right place! I have a demanding job and a tough divorce behind me. All this has obviously settled in my body. Much of this has disappeared during this course. At night I've had some dreams which enabled me to reach some conclusions. All of you and Qigong helped me with that."

"I love Qigong and I love Hold Qi Up. First I did one Hold Qi Up a day. Then I wanted to give myself even more and started to practice twice a day. For 20 years I've had a lot of pain in my back and my standing posture has been poor but now it's much better. I'm on my way to something better. I like the arm training very much."

"I'm here for the fifth time and I like it more and more each year. I'm kind of addicted to Qigong. Every year my back improves. This year I've been unusually energetic. I feel great!"

"When I started to practice Qigong I had pain in my back and in my shoulders. Now the pain is gone and my back is straighter."

"This is my second summer course. My problem is my back, since I dislocated my hip when I was 15. I've had back problems my whole life through. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even lift a bucket of water without wearing my weight lifting belt. Luckily, I found Qigong. After just three months of practicing, with a break over Christmas, I realized that I don't always need the belt. Now, I don't have any pain in my back at all and it is improving. Think about it! My back has been worn down and cartilage has been building up over 50 years, but now it's improving."

Rheumatism Relieved or Completely Disappeared

"I attended my first course in May. I felt that this is right for me. I bought the records and started to practise. For the first time in my life I learned to relax. It was a great feeling. Mr. Su's voice is so beautiful. It was as if he were singing. Someone asked if I wanted to attend the summer course. I thought I had nothing to loose. I have a lot of problems with my rheumatic pain and the whiplash injury I've had. I've had a lot of problems with infections and a really difficult pneumonia, which I didn't think would survive. I was in really bad shape and felt really empty inside. Now I feel like I'm filling up with energy. I feel filled up. This will be really good for me. I will stay for another nine days. That I decided here. I'm not usually spontaneous in that way, so this is both internal and external development for me."

"Five years ago I had rheumatism. Now I am almost free from it, only some left in my joints in hands. Luckily my joints did not become good immediately. Normally I just start with something and then end it up and try something new. Instead Qigong became my basis, something to turn to and gives me calm. During this course I've liked the arm training. I practise for a long time in the evenings and it is ok that it hurts. I just want to get through. A funny situation: I meet one of the journalists in the morning. I opened the door and she just ran through without saying thank you or even giving me a glance. So I thought aha, that's what it is like on the outside."

Help with Social Anxiety

"I suffer from social anxiety, so it was really smart of me to come here and live among this many people. I feel a lot calmer. I can look people in the face and in the eye. I can listen to what they say. It's great and I'm really grateful."

Motivation to Stop Smoking

"The arm training was mentally my biggest challenge. It has made me put aside my cigarettes since six days. I realised how stupid it was to stand here and do arm training and then go for a smoke to reward myself. Then it's useless to do arm training. After that, when we did arm training I was completely euphoric. Now it's much easier. I realise this is a mental challenge to get rid of the pain and other things in my body."

Support in Dance

"What is Qigong for me? As you know, I like to dance and I like to show that to you. Those of you who have seen me all these years, can see that I've developed over the years. This is much thanks to Qigong, as this is my basic training method. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. I look forward to this."

Chronic Headache Disappeared

"Three days ago I was reborn. My headache disappeared. I can't express my feelings. I would have liked to stay at the second course but I will keep practicing Qigong at home. I feel like I'm kind of leaving the party. I wish all of you good luck!"

Arrhythmia Disappeared

"My arrhythmia is gone."

Fractured Rib Healed

"I came here with a fractured rib. It doesn't hurt anymore, so it must be healed."

Play Football Better

"My balance is better, I run easier and faster. I play football better. I don't stumble as much as before.

Summer course 2008 fotball

General Improvements

"I get better and better every summer. Qi works a lot. It hurts but I know that it's good. It's very nice to be back here! These are the three best weeks of the year. The rest of the year I digest of all the things we learn here. Qi works in my back and in my shoulders. I'm more flexible now than when I came here. My vision has improved. It's better now than it was when I was 20 years old. The student behind me in the training hall hadn't seen me for eight years. She said that I look younger now than I did then. I told her: "Well I am younger". At the first lecture this course I could actually put my teeth together. I've never been able to do that before."

"Being here is lovely! Now I know what I will do the remaining part of my holiday: Put the disc in my CD-player, stand on my patio and enjoy the training."

"My progress and improvements have been enormous. My reaction the third day was strong but when it was over all my pain symptoms disappeared. I've had an operation for tumour in the throat and even my nightly coughing problems disappeared. My vision improved dramatically. My gastric catarrh and the resulting constantly swollen stomach disappeared completely. I could write a long list and still I'm only telling you about some of my improvements. I love you all!"

"Physically stronger, better vigour and lighter step."

"I got my sense of smelling back. I haven't had any infections since 2004."

Eyes Improved

"After my first summer course I couldn't see clearly with my glasses. I though I needed stronger ones so I went to an optician to try out new ones. He checked my eyes and he thought I got the wrong glasses by mistake as they where much too strong. My vision had improved so much that I didn't need glasses for four years. I want to thank everybody for taking care of the course this well. It's always clean and very nice. It's lovely!"

"I suffer from MS and a couple of years ago I got an inflammation on the optical nerve. Gradually I've noticed that my vision improves and today I could actually see Su Dongyue's eyes."

Pain Disappeared

"Finally, I have come to the summer course. I have trained almost five years. I am calm and happy and have no pain in my face anymore. It has just disappeared. My body used to be very tense and I have worn down my teeth clenching them. I also had pain in my right arm but all that is gone now."

"I live here in Kvänum. Each summer, I've seen you walk around here and I've been wondering what you're doing. This spring I've had problems with my arm for three months. It just hung there. I've worked as a cleaner for 20 years and I've had pain in my shoulders, arms and back. I would just take pain medication. You can't stay home from work just because you're in a bit of pain. Now, the arm didn't want to function any more. I had to stay home. I hadn´t attended any courses before this so the arm training has been tough. I had a lot of pain. There was tense for four or five days, but suddenly the pain disappeared. The pain in the shoulders disappeared."

"I never thought I would experience this calmness and happiness. I haven't taken a single pain killer during the course."


"I used to have problems with constipation. My stomach would work only once or twice a week. I went to see a doctor and she gave me medicines. She told me to take one pill a day but nothing happened so I had to take two. Still nothing happened. I went back to the doctor but was told that there was not any stronger medicine that they could give to me. Well, I thought, never mind. The summer course will fix it. At the fourth day at the course something happened in my stomach. After that my bowels have moved 1-2 times a day. Usually I'm very cold but now I've actually taken a layer of clothes off. I guess my blood circulation has improved."

Asthma Disappeared

"I have decided to get completely recovered. This spring a doctor told me I had asthma. I just thought: "No, I don't want to have asthma." So I said to the doctor: "No, I do not want to have asthma. You scare me when you say that." He had already told me which drugs to take and at what dose. He seemed very competent. He told me to go home and measure my lung capacity every day using a device. He wanted me to send a diagram to him with data from two weeks. What struck me was that the value was the same every day while it was supposed to be fluctuating. So I send the data to him. Later on he called me and said: "You do not have asthma." I have learned something from this."

Allergy and Eczema Disappeared

My allergy and eczema have disappeared. It is so nice and I successively have begun to like my hands. Earlier I had troubles to get up in the mornings, but now I most often wake up ten minutes before the clock rings.

Get More Energy

"Every year I come here I sleep less and have more energy."

"I've got a lot of energy and I can concentrate better."

Balance Improved

"My balance compared to last summer = fantastic!"

Mental Health Improvements

"This is the second year I am here. Even though Su Dongyue talked a lot last summer about how important our way of thinking are and that we should think in a positive way I could not really grasp this last year. This year it feels as if the message has gone in."

"I would like to thank all and say how much I admire everybody's strength and will to win over the pain. I have learned that I am I, not somebody else. That is not bad."

"I was interviewed by the journalist from Aftonbladet and then my children stated that it is easier to persuade me to do things now than before. I have become more patient and also kinder. My daughters have joined the course and they sometimes spontaneously join the training and that makes me feel very good."

"I didn't have any physical problems when I started to practice. I have continued to practice because I see a possibility to develop myself and become a better person. I have discovered a lot of things that I have got from Qigong. I can control myself better and I don't get nervous. Compared to my fellow students I'm very calm before any exams. I'm much steadier and have more of a character."

"I got tinnitus about 20 years ago and that almost took away my life. It was very hard. It has been wonderful to come here. To relax was exactly what I needed."

"I'll practice regularly now and I've changed my way of thinking because I think that can change the situation for myself and for others. Thanks for a great time!"

"Yesterday evening at the free training I felt that I can hold my head up high again. I'm no longer that afraid of choosing wrong things. I have got some pride back, so to say. The relief is great. Thanks!"

"I'm much more stable now. I've really appreciated the great atmosphere, the jokes, Su Dongyue's lectures and all the hugs. Thanks!"

"I'm very grateful for going through my pain and sorrow in the presence of the teachers and all the lovely people. I thought my body felt ok when I came but my soul was damaged. Somehow the damage was healed through the pain in my body. I can't be anything but grateful!"

"My optimism has increased enormously from being almost none. There is hope for life. Thanks!"

"The mental thing is a big part. You can be who ever you are, that's enough and you can feel proud. I feel very motivated to practice. It's been great fun. I've felt content and met a lot of very nice people. I'll come back!"

Stopped Taking Pain Killers for Neural Damage

"I feel much better now than I did when I started training about three years ago. I had very many reasons to start training but the most important one was that I had neural damage in my right hand. After the first summer course I stopped taking the pain killers that I had taken for the previous three years. I managed without them."

Depression Relieved

"This is my second summer course. The first four days were terrible. I've carried a deep grief. My husband died very suddenly last year and my mother died ten days later. All this settled in my body and there was so much pain in my entire body. The grief was physical. When it started to ease up, starting from my chest, it felt so very good. Then the pain left me and it was just wonderful. Still I wondered why I came here, but now I'm just extremely happy that did. It's great to get to laugh and not just cry all the time. My body feels good. I can reach the floor now when we bend forward. When I started, I could only reach my knees."

"I was very depressed due to some personal things that had happened. My father had died in 1998. I tried to deal with it, but it just got more difficult. I realized that I wouldn't manage through the summer without the course. All the people I lived with and talked to during the course really help. The last two years I haven't been here. This winter I noticed that my energy was running out. I don't practice regularly at home."

"The training gives me a lot mentally. I have been more or less depressed during the last 15 years. This spring it feels as if I have left the depression behind me. Nowadays my life looks very different."

"I've decided to stop taking my anti-depressants with the support from Qigong.".

"I have been depressed since I was a child and I have tried a lot of different therapies and used medication. At my first summer course I got a fantastic reaction and laughed and laughed. This summer when I'm filling in the questionnaire I feel strange. For the first time I can write that I do not have any depression. I have started to work again after being on a sick leave during three years. I have stopped my chemo therapy."

Chronic Inflammation in the Pancreas

"This is my first summer course and it's been a great experience. Quite much has happened. I'm intolerant to gluten and lactose and I have a problem with a chronic inflammation in the pancreas. At times it gives me lot of pain and other symptoms as well. I've had some reactions but it feels safe to have reactions here because you get such great support. This is the fourth day that I don't have any pain at all. It's fantastic! I don't feel discomfort in my stomach. Usually I feel it all the time. I've had a lot of tension in my back and shoulders but now I feel more relaxed. The big thing is that I understand more what Qigong is about. I will come back."

Avoided Early Retirement

"Without Qigong I don't think I could work at all today. I was almost a second from early retirement due to my disease. I have had changes in my back and I have had to correct my standing position. I feel better in my lower back but I don't dare to talk much about it now. Now I will participate for the first time in level 2. A wonderful course!"

Recovered from Burnout

"Recently, I have recovered from a burnout and I have been working 100 percent for the last half a year. Doctors said it is quite unusual to have such a fast recovery. I got the courage to change my work situation and I now work as a teacher in a high school. It is a profession with much stress but I like it and can handle it."


Su Dongyue