HQU 2 Turku [2008-05-24]

It was a big crowd of Qigong practitioner who chose to participate in the Hold Qi Up level 2 course in Turku instead of staying outside in the beautiful spring weather. Several of the participants came from other cities such as Vaasa and Helsinki. The atmosphere during the course was full of joy and many people expressed their gratitude for the possibility to learn Zhineng Qigong.

Extract from the participants comments:

The course in general

"This is my first HQU2. It has been very rewarding. Especially to learn how to concentrate better and take away unnecessary thoughts. I hope to be able to go further with that."

"This is my first HQU2. I felt very curious. At the basic course it was said that this is all you need and you're going to manage with this. But a lot of new things came up at this course! I got so much more than I had expected."

"It has been a wonderful course, thank you all. I've had a lot going on both at work and in private this spring and it felt good to come to an advanced course. Now I feel relaxed."

"This was the first time I took HQU2. It has been intensive training and I can feel it in the whole body. That motivates to practice on my own. A good course, thank you"

Åbo LUQ2 080525 stor


"This is my first HQU2. I think I've learnt a lot of new things. For me it's difficult to concentrate on what I do. I feel I benefit from the practice. It's motivating to get corrected, it helps me with to concentrate when I practice. Otherwise it easily happens that the practice becomes just a routine. But now I think more about what I do. It's nice to meet so many people who have practiced for so long. You have so many interesting views."

"Concentrating has always been a problem for me. I've been thinking I'm a hopeless case. But after a course like this I get some hope. Slowly, slowly it goes forward. Qigong helps me to think clearer. It makes me see my own limits and change my circumstances, so that I don't loose Qi."

"This was the first time I took HQU2. It has been wonderful to practice. The course has been interesting. I feel I can take with me a bigger calm into my own practice."

"This was the first time I took HQU2. Today I've felt a very nice sense of calmness. What we've learnt today is going to make it easier for me to concentrate."


"I was very tired on Wednesday and Thursday. I had been traveling around for two months and I was very tired. I thought I don't have energy to come to Turku for the course. But I still knew it would feel good. Today I've forgotten how tired I was. I've so much more energy. It's very powerful to practice this much. When one practices it's like to work with oneself."


"I'm so grateful to be here and that I've learnt this method."

"This was the first time I took HQU2. I'm grateful to be corrected when I do the movements. I still know that the practice is good for me even though I don't do it exactly right. I'm grateful to have Qigong has a tool and nobody can take that away from me."


Lars Hagner