Hold Qi up Stockholm [2008-05-17]

On every course there are always some people that aren´t there for the first time. The reason for repeating the course is not that they have problems learning our exercises. The reasons, among others, are that they want to practise in our strong Qifield, correct the movements, help the new participants, be in a pleasant enviroment and increase their Gongfu. For the beginners it's good that more experienced students participate in the basic course. Then they can get a lot of help with the movements and take part of the experiences from the more advanced participants. Many people have got great results by practising with European Zhineng Qigong Center.

Bellow follows an excerpt of the participants' comments from the last course this semester in Stockholm.

More alert

"I came in contact with Qigong through my work. They arranged a course for their employees. Before I started to practice Qigong I was very tired in the morning. I had to force myself to get up but now it's no problem. Some of my colleagues and me practice together every day on our lunch break. It feels good and to practice Qigong has become a requirement for me."

"My brother introduced Qigong to me. I thought it sounded good as I'm often very tired. Already after this course I feel much more alert, It's inspiring."

Qigong in mundane situations

"I came in contact with Qigong through the Asthma and Allergy association. It's been a great course. I might attend the summer course. I try to keep my body regulated in mundane situations for instance when I'm waiting for the bus or the subway."


"I have practised for a while. I feel happy, my whole body is tingling. I'm so happy that my niece joined the course."

Asthma and allergy

"I suffer from asthma and allergy but last Christmas I ate an orange for the first time in twelve years! Now I'm tolerant to liliac and strong scents of flowers and for me that's a big step forward. I've become much softer in my body from practice Qigong."

Qigong at work

"Me and some of my colleagues practice every morning before we start work. We've done that for 10 years now. It's a very good way to start the day."

Better self esteem

"It's been a very nice weekend. I think the homepage is good, I can find uplifting and motivating information there. I've increased my self-esteem, I'm clearer and I've got a better structure at work, due to Qigong practise"

Inspired by the course

"For me it's important to attend courses and get inspired."

Better neck

"This is my first course. I have pain in my neck after a car crash last summer. During the course my neck has improved."

Sport injury

"I had a few injuries from sports when I started to practise Qigong. One of my wrists was considered 7 % invalid, it has recovered completely and I never have problems with it anymore. A couple of days ago I strained my back at work. The next day I woke up with severe pain. I just had to practise a little extra that day to make the pain disappear."


Lars Hagner