Hold Qi up Borgå [2008-05-10]

The spring sunshine smiled over a blossoming Borgå and inside of Borgå Folkakademi a lot of smiles and laughter also shined when participants from near and far had gathered to celebrate the weekend of Mothers´day in the spirit of Qigong. The beginner's course in Hold Qi Up had participants of all ages and it was a pleasure to welcome a lot of younger participants to the course. The mood was calm and positive and felt as warm as the spring sunshine outside.

Some comments from the participants.

Steady feet

"I´m a beginner and yesterday I swung back and forth on unsteady feet, like on heavy sea. Today I feel much better already, I feel I can plant my feet more firmly on the ground!"

Calm and alert

"I have enjoyed Qigong already for a while. It has been great to join this course and acknowledge all the details. I have enjoyed being in the Qi-field."

"I was very tired yesterday, but it felt lika a positive tiredness. I´m alert today even though it feels like we have dome more today!"

Damage in neck healed

"I have felt peace and calmness in the movements this weekend and I have found small details to improve. It has been a quiescent correction. I have forgotten that I have a damage in my neck, a wear between two vertebras that has made the disk collapse. I´ve had to have injections between the vertebras, but I don´t need the injections any more!"

Positive insight

"Last autumn three difficult things happened in my life and I got ill. Now I can see afterwards that Qigong training has helped me get healthy quicker and maybe I had become much more seriously ill if I didn´t have Qigong in my back pocket. I have realized that this weekend and I´m very grateful for that insight."


Camilla Heidenberg