TuiNa , Wei Tuo Jin Gothenburg [2008-05-01]

A small but interested crowd had gathered in Gothenburg to learn about acupoint TuiNa and Wei Tuo Jin. Some of the participants' comments can be found below:

Supple legs

"My legs have been somewhat stiff the latest year, but on Saturday I was able to sit on the floor with my legs crossed!"

Deeper understanding

"I've been practicing Qigong for five years now and found TuiNa to be very interesting. It gave me a deeper understanding for some of the principles behind Qigong. When we practiced Wei Tuo Jin I could clearly feel that a lot of things happened in my body."

TuiNa in Gothenburg 2008

Like the training

"I do like this. I have argued with myself wondering if I should join this course or not, I have a lot of things that needs to be done, but I couldn't stop myself from joining. I joined last year too so I repeated the course. I felt that I knew the positions quite good, I just needed some corrections."

Physical strength and Qi

"I practice Zhineng Qigong regularly and Wei Tuo Jin on and off when I feel the need for more physical strength. It really gives you more strength and at the same time it is an interesting way to study Qi: Different methods really give you different results."

Likable training for shoulders and back

"To me this is perfect physical training! I disgust going to the gym to work out so I cannot make myself do it. At the same time I do need more training for my shoulders and back; Wei Tuo Jin is much more fun than the gym."

Very powerful

"The Wei Tuo Jin course was very powerful. Yesterday I was knocked out and that never happens in any Qigong course. Today I feel more alert and a lot of nice things happened for me."

Wei Tuo Jin in Gothenburg 2008

Strong Qi and better body regulation

"I agree: The Qi was very strong in this course. I'm very interested in learning more about Qigong and I think I did that during this course, even in the TuiNa part. My basic body posture has improved a lot and I do use the same body posture when I practice Zhineng Qigong."

Strength and endurance

"I joined this course 4 years ago and devoted myself to Wei Tuo Jin for a while to see what it would give me. I'm working as a bricklayer and now and then you get to lift quite much. The guys at work likes to compete at who's the strongest and who can lift the most, but I didn't care much about that. One day we carried "sacker" up some stairs, and after a while I passed the other guys by a whole round. The others rushed at the beginning but after a while they were not able to keep up the speed while I kept the same speed all the time. I was able to pass the others without getting tired. I felt very strong. It was easy to understand why e.g. martial artists keep on doing this kind of training. The TuiNa part of the course was fun and nice."

Relaxed while getting things done

"I have a physically strenuous work and do a lot of lifting. I notice that I'm better able to deal with my job when I practice Wei Tuo Jin. I'm able to keep calm and relaxed while working without draining myself of energy and still getting just as much work done."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen