HQU 2 Nybro [2008-04-26]

For several years we've arranged basic courses in Hold Qi Up in Nybro and Kalmar, towns close to each other. For the first time it was now time for the continuation course, Hold Qi Up 2. Some participants had already joined the course in another city but the majority attended the course for the first time. The new things in Hold Qi Up, taught at the course, was highly appreciated and gladely received. The will to practice was high at the course.

From the participants comments:

Tensed shoulders

"It's been a good weekend, interesting. I fell asleep very early yesterday. My shoulders has improved, they are less tense. It's good to repeat courses."

Practicing in daily life

"It's great with this much practice, I can feel how the qi is working. I have made changes in my daily life and I save more qi now."

"After practice yesterday, I was heading for a concert, I had little time to arrive to the scene. Normally that makes me very stressed, but because of the course, I had a better thinking way, and decided not to become stressed, It couldn't help me anyhow. A made it in time and it felt good, I like to do like that in the future, not get stressed."

About the course

"I am very pleased with this course; I received good help with correcting the movements, I needed that. Yesterday I felt tired and as if I was to become ill with a cold, but today I felt vigorous and healthy. I want to try to practice like this with the new details. I enjoy meeting all friends here."

"It has felt good and I think it's very interesting to learn more about the philosophy and the details in Hold Qi Up. I am more vigorous now."

"I have alternated between feeling vigorous and tired. I enjoy learning more about the philosophy. I became moved by the poem, I could feel it in my whole body. All the three times I heard it, I felt a tingling sensation."


Lars Hagner