Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2008-04-26]

A little more than 30 persons lined up in Stockholm to learn and practice Shenxin Qigong and a little Snake arm. Their interest and will to practice was great, a lot of persons got a strong feeling of Qi and enjoyed tea and cookies during the breaks. Below follows a selection of the participants' comments during the course.

Less tension and more optimism

"The tension in my neck is all gone and my back and chest feels much better. I feel good! I felt so tensed before; now all I want to do is stand here. I feel happy and optimistic."

Keeping young

"My grandchild that is 16 years of age said these words to me a couple of weeks ago: 'Grandma, I will start practicing Qigong when I get old since I believe that it will keep me young too.' "

Younger and recovered knee

"I agree on that, since people tell me that I get younger and younger. And I really feel younger then when I started about 10 years ago. I suddenly remembered that my knee did hurt a lot when I came here on Saturday morning, I had been sleeping in an awkward position. By the time we squatted today I had forgotten all about this and I was able to get way down, lower than I usually can. So my knee recovered!"

Practicing Snake Arm in Stockholm 2008 04 27

Nice to get help

"It feels nice to be here and to get some help. When I'm training at home I sometimes get a little sloppy and things that I'm actually able to do, becomes imperfect."


"I think that snake arm is a very comfortable exercise. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it is great fun and gives you strong Qi."

Feet and shoulders

"A lot of things happened in my feet, joints and shoulders. It feels great!"

Easier to practice at home

"One of the most important benefits from joining a weekend course is that my small amount of training at home feels much easier."


"I can feel a big difference in my shoulders. About three years ago I woke up one day and the left side of my body was paralyzed. After I started Qigong this autumn I have seen a lot of improvements."

Softer and warmer

"My lower body usually feels like a hard package, but now it actually feels good. I feel softer and warmer in my lower back and legs."

Getting up in the mornings

"I am retired and have stopped working. In my situation it is normal and I even had expectations that I would sleep longer in the mornings – it's something you've longed for during your whole life! It didn't work out at all for me; I tried to sleep longer in the mornings but I felt very bad. Now I set my watch and get up at 05:30 in the morning to practice Qigong every day. I've been doing this for about half a year now and it works very well. The morning training gives me a good start and works well for me, but getting out of bed isn't easy. I got a tip from a friend concerning this: Decide in the evening that you will get up in the morning. It works for me."

No stiffness

"I also practice in the mornings as soon as I wake up. Otherwise I easily forget to do it. I noticed another thing too. A lot of people in my age complain about stiffness. I get so surprised every time I hear this as I have no such problems."


"Snake arm has been a challenge for me. It has been difficult for me to coordinate my arms; I've only been able to think about one arm at the time. But it was incredibly powerful when we practiced it during this course."

Surprised that it feels so strong

"I have practiced Qigong since many years and I particularly enjoy varying my exercises. It feels very good to be able to pick some of the different exercises depending on how much time I have. Apart from that I'm very surprised that it still feels so strong at this course, I almost fainted..."

Feels so good that you just keep going

"Snake arm is a very nice exercise. The threshold for starting to practice is really small as a very short amount of practicetime gives you so much. When you start to practice snake arm it feels so good that you usually keep practicing for a longer time then you set out to do."

Mental improvement

"I've had some problems with one of my lungs. When I practice at the courses I feel nothing of it but between courses I sometimes feel it. A couple of years ago that would have troubled me, but now I have so many other good things to focus on and to do. The mental improvement is what I enjoy the most."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen