Hold Qi up Bergen [2008-02-16]

Bergen was beaming with light in time for the first Weekend Course of the term. Although the sun gave way for heavy rain, the training hall proved to be nice and warm in more ways than one. The atmosphere of the course was also warm and comfortable, in addition to being happy and relaxed.

Some voices from the course

The lecture

"The lecture was very rewarding – a fine way to start the weekend."

Long-term illness, tension pain

"I have been ill for more or less every day since 1970 and this weekend I noticed that very clearly. But through very good guidance and the way the course was planned, as well as the quick feedback and corrections in a very nice and kind way, it worked. It has meant a lot for me. I've found, especially yesterday, that my tension has been released. I have also, during these two days, noticed that, having had a total lack of body awareness, I'm already beginning to get a body awareness and that's a very, very positive thing for me. Thank you very much."


"Yesterday when I came home I was very tired, but now I feel alert and full of energy."

Quality of life

"Zhineng Qigong is a very good addition to your life. Since I started to practise I've become motivated to improve other aspects of my life style as well."

Headaches and a frozen shoulder

"I just realized that during the weekend I got rid of a headache that I've had for the last month. I've achieved much more flexibility in my arm and that's very good."

Results after practising ZQ for a period of time

A Quick result

"When I'd practised for about a month I had this "bang effect". I was on an Evening Training and all of a sudden I was able to bend down so that my hands came down toward the floor, forty cm's further down than I was able to before and right before we started to practise Hold Qi Up at that moment. Then I felt great respect for the method and I understood that this is rather powerful "stuff".

As stiff as a post

"I've found the training having great effect because my body used to be as stiff as a post. I've had relief in other matters too, and it gives me mental training. I benefit so much from it, if I get stress out at my work, then I just find myself some spot and I practise La Qi so that I get calm right away."

Mental control

"I have achieved mental control to a degree which is a huge asset. In situations where many people would have difficulties maintaining their calm, I'm able to do that. So I've got


Elisabeth Öberg