Hold Qi up Vara [2008-03-15]

The Spring course in Vara started off with rain and on Sunday a thick fog settled, but the weekend finished on a really happy note. On Saturday at about lunch time being in the Qi field had brought a healthy glow and colour to the participants' faces. There was a nice and happy feeling about the course, as well as a good sense of humour, with a fine group of participants who helped each other with the correction of the movements.

Two of the participants had great problems and they had been doubtful about their ability to follow the course, but by Sunday they found that it was a good investment of time and effort. We were shown examples of the speedy results that people can achieve in the Qi field on a course. One of the participants were normaly unable to stand up for more than some ten minutes at a time. It was touching to see the change from the person who arrived at the course and the person who walked home on Sunday, energetic and brimming with joy. The following Monday she phoned our contact to thank her for taking her with her to the course, and she also said that she had now decided to join the Summer Course.

Another participant – on the cirlce talk she had stated that a lot had happened without specifying – returned after leaving the premises in the Sunday afternoon, to tell us that she is now able to walk the stairs from the second floor without problems.

Comments after the course

The Qi field

"It's so easy to do the exercises here, my arms move automatically."

Inflammation of the hip joints

"It was so easy to walk down the stairs that I wanted to see if it was as easy for me to walk up the stairs – I have this inflammation of the hip joints so it's hard for me to walk up stairs – but now I walked up the stairs without problems and it doesn't hurt anymore."

Meningitis after Borrelia infection

"This was my first course too and it was beyond expectations. I suffer from Meningitis caused by a Borrelia infection which was diagnosed in a very late state and it caused inflammation and scarring on the brain meninges. Normally I'm unable to stand up for more than some tem minutes at a time, light gives me headaches, I can hardly strain my self at all without getting nauseous. I definitely didn't expect myself to be able to stand here with my head downwards, like we did in some movements. But I did it and I was able to do so without throwing up. I wouldn't even have managed to hang up my laundry without feeling sick. For my part there's been great things happening. My vision is clearer – this veil that's been before my eyes disappeared yesterday and I could see clearly for the first time since I contracted this inflammation. Look over there, there's my bedding and my sleeping bag, and I haven't used it!!! It's just amazing, I have nothing but high hopes for the future! Thank you!!"


"My posture has improved during the weekend."

Facial neuralgia

"I have an injury to my facial sensory nerve and normally I'm not able to be outdoors if the temperature is any less than 17º or 20º C – then I'd have to wrap myself up in scarves etc. when I walk from the car and so on. Yesterday I had to take away the scarves and expose my face to the cold. Normally that'd give me very much pain but this time I only felt a little pain. It usually takes some three days for that pain to go away but now it disappeared in an hour so I'm very pleased with everything."

More supple

"It was a very good course, a fine group and a very good repeat, and my body feels more supple."

Helping the body heal itself

"I thought about what the teacher said on Saturday about the body being able to heal much more than bone fractures etc. and then I realized that why wouldn't it be able to heal other things internally as well? Then I found that this is what we do here, we help the body and we give it the tools for healing itself."


Elisabeth Öberg